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Harry & Meghan Evicted From Royal Property Amidst Security Threats

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By Oscar Blair - - 5 Mins Read

King Charles Coronation: The Royal Family Unending Troubles

Amidst preparation for the upcoming coronation event, the royal family has yet again made headlines after King Charles III ordered the eviction of the Sussexes from their apartment in the UK.

Many are beginning to wonder if it's yet another punishment intended to weaken Prince Harry's resolve, but this might not be a threat as the couple has a few weeks left to clear out their home in Windsor.

The Frogmore Cottage has served as the only secure shield for Prince Harry and Megan Markle since they arrived in the UK and their access to royal police protection was taken away in 2020. Although the couple has their private security, it can't be compared to the essential intelligence information the Royal police had acc to.

The couple had to pay a large sum of rent to cover the future Crown Estate after they were stripped of their royal roles in January 2020. Now that the King has decided to evict the family from the property barely three years into the lease, it is obvious that the royal family will not end their tussle anytime soon.

Prince Harry had only been given a ridiculous excuse of the property being needed by someone else as the reason for eviction, and sources reveal that the couple is still stunned by the news. This will be difficult since Prince Harry isn't on cordial terms with the King and most of the royal family. 

The Royal family later revealed that the "someone else" and new property owner is Prince Andrew, the infamous son of the late queen who was stripped of his royal rights due to allegations of child sexual abuse. King Charles has now released the keys to the Frogmore Cottage to him.

Sources revealed that the royal couple had been given till after the coronation ceremony to vacate the property. It is still unclear where the couple will stay, and staying with other royal family members doesn't seem a likely option since they are not on cordial terms with most.

Their official UK residence, which is covered by the Met’s Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit, made it easy for the family to spend time with the Queen during their June 2022 visit, and it’s where Harry and Meghan have based themselves during multiple stays since moving to California.

The Real Reason King Charles Declared An Eviction From The Property 

Prince Charles and Princess Camilia
King Charles and Princess Camelia (Credit: Getty Images)

The King's decision to evict the Dutch of Sussex from his home is an obvious sign that things have gone sour between both parties. Although the royal family denies doing it as a payback for Harry's publication, Spare, it is difficult to believe it was a pure decision not laced with revenge.

Sources close to the royal family defend that the decision was a necessary and logical one that needed to be made because it had financial implications if delayed. According to the source, the estate was currently amidst crises, and there were still a lot of grand houses yet to be utilized, hence the decision that had been in the plan for a long time.

The Estate is ending the couple's lease because they need to free up more valuable properties that can be utilized, Prince Andrew's lodge inclusive. This decision could mean the beginning of an irresolvable feud between the Sussexes and the royal family because Prince Harry and his family would have to leave the UK for a long time now that he doesn't have options for another property. 

Many are beginning to wonder if King Charles will ever be able to see his grandchildren again the moment the family relocates. The Royal couple has one more reason not to keep in touch, especially since the family feud had severed their relationship with many friends and members of the royal family.

If Prince Harry and Megan Markle decide not to attend the coronation as predicted by most people already, this will make for a reasonable excuse as they no longer have a place to stay in the UK for future visits. Will the Royal family offer a truce, or will caution be thrown to the wind despite signs of trouble?