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How to Make Correct Travel Decisions, Even if You've Not Been There Before

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Taking a trip can be burdensome, especially if you're short on time. If you're planning to take a vacation to a certain destination for the first time, there will be so many arrangements to plan for. Usually, selecting the best airline, the best hotel reservation, and the best sightseeing spots are top priorities, especially for first-time travelers. 

However, these arrangements may not be so easy to make. Some intending travelers are also unsure of the actual amount it'd cost them to visit a particular destination. Due to this most of them may forgo their travel plans — a decision they most certainly would regret thereafter. 

A survey conducted by Priceline Group says over 44% of Americans regret not traveling more mostly because of expenditure fears. To beat down this seemingly high number, intending travelers have to equip themselves with the right information in order to plan ahead.

Steps to Plan Your Travel Ahead

If you're thinking about making that trip whether for a vacation or a different purpose, you need to know or get these few things ready. 

Decide your preferred location: Once you have made a choice on a travel location, it's easier to pin other necessary requirements to get there. It's also easier to get consultations from people who have traveled there before. 

Be sure to select the best time to travel: It's one thing to select a travel destination and another thing to be there at the perfect time. Certain travel locations like Maldives are better when you are there around April when the weather is sunnier. Selecting the best travel time is also important to know the kind of clothes you should wear. 

Plan for a reservation: Choose a nice hotel with good ratings or even an Airbnb in a great spot to enjoy your trip. It's best if you start making your reservations early. 

Plan your activities: Make up your mind about what you plan to do when you arrive. It's okay to be spontaneous but it's better and safer when your trip follows a schedule so you don't miss the best spots. 

Seek advice: If you haven't been there before, experiences from others who have could be a powerful weapon to your travel arsenal. Ask questions from unofficial sources so you can get realistic ideas of what to expect.

A neatly arranged hotel room

An All-in-one Solution for Travelers 

It's easy to miss the most important things when you're planning your trip. This happens a lot to first-time travelers. But you can boycott these rookie mistakes when you plan ahead with a tool like TripAdvisor. 

What is TripAdvisor? TripAdvisor doubles as an online travelers forum and a booking site. The main objective is to give real-time advice to travelers. This advice from other experienced and recent travelers includes tips on the best hotels to book, the best travel clothes to carry, the best tourist attractions to see, local foods to try out, and so much more. 

TripAdvisor allows travelers to express their travel encounters so other travelers can stay updated. 

Right now, TripAdvisor also allows you to book flights with recommended airlines, travel agencies, hotels, and whatnot. 

Other things you can do with TripAdvisor include:

  • Write your own reviews
  • Message other travelers for more detailed information
  • Save favorite locations
  • Get cost estimates for places

"What You See is What You Get"

Connie Erickson, a traveler from the US, seemed to have quite an interesting experience after using TripAdvisor. 

"Like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz, there's no place like home, when your a guest for an extended stay, at the Fiesta Americana in Aguascalinentes Mexico!

The pictures on their website are authentic, what you see is what you get, what you can't see and experience until you're here are warm, caring, compassionate and professional staff facility wide that make every effort to accommodate as best they can what you may need. This is our third extended stay (2-3 months) and we are still over the "Rainbow" happier with the entire stay! We are leaving after 3 months (12-16-22 to 3-17-23) but will take with us memories that will last a lifetime!"