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Owning These Dog Breeds is Illegal in the UK

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
A aggressive pit bull dog behind a caged fence
An agressive pit bull terrier | Shutterstock

Although dogs are often beloved and delightful pets, certain breeds are unsuitable for household companions. These particular breeds pose a danger to human life and are sometimes referred to as "wild dogs."


In recent years, a number of people have been injured or killed by these dogs, with 10 such incidents occurring in 2022 alone. Tragically, nearly 5 additional deaths have been reported in 2023. As a result of these incidents, the UK government has implemented a ban on owning and raising wild dogs. 


In 1991, the Dangerous Dog Act was introduced in an attempt to put a stop to the unending incidents of dog attacks and the death of civilians. This was made to prevent fatal dog attacks, but the incident continued to happen, claiming the lives of several people who unfortunately became prey.


The UK's home secretary, Suella Braverman, is advocating for a prohibition on American bully dogs following an incident where one attacked an 11-year-old girl on Saturday.


Witnesses heard the child's cries for help as nearby individuals tried to rescue her from the dog. Video footage shows the animal running away before attacking another person near a Texaco Petroleum Station on Churchill Road.


After the terrifying video surfaced online, Suella Braverman, the secretary of homes, declared that she urgently advised that a restriction should be placed on the dogs.


"The American XL bully is lethally dangerous to our society, most particularly to our little ones. She continued; "we really can't go on this way, I have raised urgent advice on banning the dogs," she said.


Here Is A List Of Illegal Dog Breeds That Are Banned In the UK 

According to GOV. In the UK, the outward appearance of your dog determines whether it is banned or not, irrespective of its breed name or type. If your dog gets aggressive too often, it is necessary to know the reasons that could be triggering its tantrums.


Unlike some countries like the USA, where pet owners may even be allowed to own certain exotic pets, the UK is pretty serious about the kind of animals you can own. However, let's check the list of banned dogs in the United Kingdom.


An angry dog barking aggressively
Photo | Krasula/Shutterstock

Pit Bull Terrier

One of the most hazardous dog breeds is the "Pit Bull Terrier." This breed was originally created in Scotland, Ireland, and England in the 19th century and is known for being a dangerous fighting dog used for hunting livestock.


Despite not being trained to be aggressive towards humans, there have been reports of Pit Bulls attacking humans on multiple occasions, leading to their inclusion on the ban list.


The "Japanese Tosa," also known as the "Japanese Mastiff," is a breed of fighting dog that originated in Japan. Though it was later crossbred outside of Japan, leading to a proliferation of the breed, it is still considered a dangerous dog in the United Kingdom and is even more strictly prohibited in Ireland.


The Japanese Tosa is known to be aggressive towards strangers and is not trained for proper socialization with humans. As a result, it is not recommended for families with young children.



The Dogo Argentino breed was created in Argentina in the 1920s. These dogs were originally used for big game hunting and are known for their hunting abilities.


The breed was developed by two men, Antonio the Argentine physician and Augustin Nores Martins. They mixed the Viejo De Pelea Cordobés breed, which was almost extinct, with one of Cordoba's old fighting dogs. However, due to the breed's dangerous nature, the Dogo Argentino is banned in certain places.



The final breed on the list is the "FILA BRASILEIRO". This breed of dog was developed in Brazil to serve as a large game hunter and working dog. It is also referred to as the Brazilian Mastiff, Cao De Fila, or Cão De Brasil.


In Portuguese, the word "Filar'' translates to hold, grab, or arrest. The dog is extremely protective and aggressive to strangers, it is very active when it comes to protecting its owner which is why he was given the name "Fila". According to the UK GOV, Fila Brasileiro is also banned from the community.