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Increased Concerns as the US Drafts Agreement with Tiktok Over National Security

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

On September 26th, NYT reported that Tiktok would soon agree on a deal with the US government to protect the security of citizens. 

The Biden administration and Tiktok have worked out a provisional deal to address national security concerns as the Chinese-owned video app hurdles over the terms.  The popular video platform negotiates to continue operating in the U.S without significant changes to its ownership structure, as explained by four individuals familiar with the dialogue.

The two parties have argued a framework in which Tiktok will change its data security and governance without requiring its owner, ByteDance, to sell it. This was made known by three people who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the negotiation is highly classified.

The two parties involved are still arguing over the potential deal. The Justice Department is leading the negotiations with TikTok, and its No. 2 official, Lisa Monaco. 

Under the agreement, as revealed, there would be significant changes in how the video app operates. 

It is reported that the video app would be required to store Americans' data within an American server rather than its servers to ensure national security. It is speculated that Oracle would be the server where information will be stored. 

According to a spokesperson, Oracle is not directly involved in the negotiations, but the government has consulted them. Oracle has not issued any statement regarding the negotiations. 

The Effects of this New Tiktok Deal 

Newsvot has gathered that there will be changes once the deal between the US government and Tiktok is signed. 

Experts and government officials have revealed that the new deal between the Joe Biden administration and Tiktok will be highly scrutinized before any agreement is reached. 

Tiktok is a Chinese-owned video app, and the cold War-like atmosphere between China and the US might make the Biden administration inject high restrictions into the deal. 

With the current battle between the US and China on digital data, the US might be forced to draft an agreement to suit their terms. 

 Republicans have reacted to the ongoing talks between the US and Tiktok, saying that the Biden administration needs to part ways with the Chinese-owned video app. 

"Anything short of a complete separation” of TikTok from ByteDance “will likely leave significant national security issues regarding operations, data and algorithms unresolved," top Republican on the Intelligence Committee, Marco Rubio, said in a statement. 

What Tiktok Has to say 

Newsvot reports that Tiktok has not reacted to the negotiations between them and the US government. 

Rather than reacting to any of the statements made by government officials, Tiktok only said that they were "confident" that both parties would soon reach an agreement.

The video company announced that the negotiations were "on a path to fully satisfy all reasonable U.S. national security concerns."