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Innovative Tesla Owner Shuns Minimalism, Adds Physical Buttons to Model X

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Interior of a Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X comes with a minimalistic interior | Shutterstock

Tesla's ingenious approach to vehicle interiors revolves around minimalism and a clutter-free aesthetic. By significantly reducing the number of buttons and controls, Tesla creates a sleek and uncluttered look that appeals to many customers.


However, this design philosophy has also garnered mixed reactions, with some expressing dissatisfaction over removing traditional elements from the cabin.


For instance, Tesla's recent replacement of turn signal stalks with steering wheel buttons in the facelifted Model 3 sparked both appreciation and criticism.


While customers who prefer traditional interiors can explore other electric vehicle options, what choices are available for Tesla enthusiasts who adore their vehicles but desire a more tactile experience than the central touchscreen offers?


Meanwhile, in this article, we will talk about a Chinese man who renovated his Tesla model car into a traditional model.


Modifying the Tesla Model X Interior


In an interesting turn of events, a button-loving Tesla owner from China undertook a unique modification to personalize his Tesla Model X interior.


Through a video shared on X by @ray4tesla, we observe the installation of a physical button panel beneath the touchscreen, resembling previous-generation Mercedes-Benz sedans.


Moreover, with a total of 12 functional buttons, this modification offers quicker access to essential vehicle functions.



The physical buttons serve various purposes, including shortcuts to specific sections of the vehicle's menu and direct commands.


Among the functions they facilitate are opening the frunk and trunk, adjusting the front seats, folding the side mirrors, and even skipping to the next or previous song or radio station, which is an amazing set-up.


While this modification adds a unique touch to the Tesla Model X, it does deviate from the core principle of minimalism.


Moreover, each individual's preferences play a significant role in whether this modification is favored or criticized.


However, Tesla owners have the freedom to personalize their vehicles to align with their tastes as long as their modifications remain within legal boundaries.


A Simplified Installation


Regarding the installation process, which is limited due to language barriers, the attachment of the switch panel to the back of the touchscreen appears straightforward, among others.


Similarly, connecting the necessary wires seems relatively uncomplicated.


While the exact cost of this modification remains unknown, it is presumed to be reasonably affordable in China.


Meanwhile, Chinese in China can easily modify their Tesla cars if need be for an affordable price, which is not too expensive.


If a similar modification were readily available in different countries, would Tesla owners be interested in adopting it for their vehicles?


These are some questions from the public regarding the modification of Tesla by a Chinese man.


Opinions on the Modification


Opinions regarding this modification vary among enthusiasts. Some critics argue that it completely defeats the purpose of minimalism, while others view it as an expression of individualism.


However, commenters highlight the limited scope for external modifications in China, leading to an increasing trend of customizing car interiors, which is quite funny.


Although minimalism is widely acknowledged as a champion of design, some argue that critical functions necessitate the inclusion of buttons for enhanced practicality.


Moreover, striking a balance between minimalist aesthetics and functionality remains a topic of debate.




Tesla's vehicle interior design philosophy embraces minimalism, reducing buttons and controls to create a streamlined and uncluttered experience.


While this approach garners appreciation from many, some Tesla enthusiasts seek additional physical buttons that provide faster access to essential functions.


This Chinese Tesla owner's modification of the Model X interior highlights the desire for personalization and unique adaptations.


Moreover, the trade-off between minimalism and enhanced functionality remains a subjective choice, ultimately allowing owners to align their vehicles with their individual preferences.