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Instagram Page Sued by Kanye West for Allegedly Leaking His Music

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
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According to recent reports, someone posted content featuring a song from Kanye West's new album on Instagram, resulting in the album being leaked. Kanye is taking this matter seriously and plans to sue both the Instagram page and its owner.


The music has been created and is prepared for release. However, the true owner of the music, Kanye West, is not yet willing to release it for reasons unknown to others. It has been alleged that the individual who owns the page on which the music was shared, did so without obtaining Kanye's permission.


The culprits who shared the song are said to be part of the collaboration, and they decided to leak the video since they believed Kanye West is fond of making good songs but never releasing them. Kanye protested, saying that the unauthorized leaking of the song had caused serious damage to his career and reputation.


According to the witnesses in court, Kanye filed a case stating that the group of persons who shared his without asking him for permission broke the contract agreement and misappropriated a trade secret.


The suit did not reveal the identity of the individuals who leaked the music, and Kanye himself is unaware of their true names. However, the court has pledged to deliver justice once the culprits are identified.

Kanye West speaking during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel
Kanye West in a Jimmy Kimmel interview | YouTube

The Instagram account, which was not identified, leaked a video from Kanye West's new album and shared some details with its followers. However, the account has been deactivated after Kanye filed a lawsuit. Attorney Gregory K. filed the case and stated that both Twitter and Instagram accounts that had information about leaked tracks such as "We Did It Kid," "Shy Can't Look," "NASDAQ," and a collaboration with DJ Khaled have been taken down.


Although this is not the first time Kanye West's music has leaked, the rapper has been out of the spotlight after his fallout with Adidas and Gap, channeling his energy into making good music and putting in a lot of work in the studio. However, Several of these unreleased songs have been flying around the internet, which is very understandable why Kanye is furious at the set of people who leaked the music.


So far, 21 Kanye West songs have been leaked to the internet, and 11 posted on Twitter, now known as X. The leaked music includes track references from other music stars such as Rihana. Kanye is said to be still putting the finishing touch to his upcoming album, which was supposed to be launched in October.


Kayne West strongly believes the culprits have worked with him earlier, which gave them access to the music, but the question remains: Who exactly is the leaker, and what happens when they are identified?