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Instagram, Snapchat Amongst Top Apps Americans Want to Delete in 2023 — See Others

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

We are not halfway into 2023, but many mobile device users are already deleting phone applications. As many people shape their life in 2023, one of the things they consider is the apps they spend their time on. 

The average American spends a huge amount of time on their mobile device screen every day — A whopping 4 to 6 hours is the average mobile device screen time of the average American. However, it seems some apps would be making way. 

In this article, we will share some mobile apps that many people will delete in 2023 for consuming vast amounts of data, privacy concerns, and other reasons. 

Instagram Tops the List 

twitterInstagram logo via Unsplash

Instagram is drastically losing its user because of many issues the social media platform is currently experiencing. But the major reason many users abandon the social media platform is that it is one of the most data-consuming apps. Instagram is one of the social media platforms that can make an average internet user spend vast amounts of data. 

Within the first quarter of 2023, Instagram already has the highest searches for deletion in the United States at a whopping 900,120 searches. Obviously, many people are fed up with the app consuming a lot of data. "Instagram delete account" seems to be one of the significant search tags populating search engines. Other reasons constituting the widespread use of search tags such as "Instagram delete account" are privacy issues, fake followers, and disinformation. 

Twitter Might be Dying 

It won't come as a surprise that Twitter is on the list of apps many users try to delete from their mobile devices. Since falling into the hands of controversial billionaire Elon Musk, the social media platform has become a fighting ground where groups fight each other on many topics. Right from the time Elon Musk announced that he would be purchasing the platform, many users said they would be leaving the social media platform. No wonder it makes the list of apps deleted by users in 2023. 

One of Twitter's issues is that it is one of the most data-consuming platforms, as it takes huge amounts of data to operate the app. It also has scamming issues as there are many scammers on the platforms: privacy is evaded, and it seems to be a hostile environment for many. 

Snapchat on the Brink of Collapse 

The photo-sharing app Snapchat is on the brink of collapse as many users have lost interest in the once-interesting app. Snapchat was one of those apps that drove a lot of users crazy in its early days, but it is suddenly falling under the radar after it developed many issues. The major issue that Snapchat has is the lack of privacy. Things that should be secret have always been leaked on the platform. 

There have been many cases where the nude images of celebrities got leaked to the platform even without their knowledge. Apart from that, there have been cases where the accounts of users were blatantly hacked and sensitive information accessed. In addition, it is one of the most data-consuming apps, with users spending large amounts of data on the app. Searches for the deletion of Snapchat have risen to a reasonable figure, and it might even cease to exist if nothing is done about the issues. 

Facebook Joins the Bandwagon 

Facebook, which formerly served as the parent of a group of other companies, is in a serious situation as users express their decision to delete the app. After becoming the biggest social media platform with over 5 billion users, Facebook is slowly declining majorly because of the unnecessary issues it started developing during its peak years. 

The mega social media platform had about 385,410 negative searches from people who wanted to get rid of the app in the United States. The major reason that Facebook has become one of the most hated apps is because of the privacy issues which it is still experiencing. So many accounts have been hacked on the platforms, and sensitive data has been stolen. Sometimes there have been cases where killers tracked their targets using the platforms due to a lack of privacy. 

Telegram Isn't Trusted Again 

Telegram, despite having a strong competition with Whatsapp, is even set to have more challenges as users threaten to drop the app. Although WhatsApp is still winning the race between the two messaging apps, it seems like Telegram will be the first to go extinct since users are deleting the app from their mobile devices. 

Although Telegram is making many efforts to return to the limelight, it still has many issues threatening its existence. First, it has a spamming issue that breaks users' privacy on the platform. Also, it sometimes serves as a tool for massive propaganda among political opponents. So those who don't want to be among this chaotic social media platform are left with the option than leaving the app. 

Spotify Now Inconsistent 

Spotify is one of the high-ranking music streaming apps that got into the list of apps widely deleted by users in 2023. After getting into many controversies, the music streaming platform saw the number of users drop. 

Nowadays, there's a huge number of alternatives for Spotify, so it won't even take a long time for users to find other options. There's still time for the music streaming platform to correct its mistakes and raise campaigns that will attract more users to its platform.