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New Updated Features on Apple's iOS 17.4 to Check Out

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
iPhone user interface display
Featured | Sumudu Mohottige/Unsplash

Apple released the long-awaited iOS 17.4 update on March 5, which is packed with numerous new features and enhancements aimed at improving the user experience.

One notable addition is an update specifically designed for users in the European Union.

To comply with the EU's Digital Markets Act, Apple has implemented a change that allows individuals in the EU to freely discover and download alternative app stores and applications from sources other than Apple's traditional App Store ecosystem.

More Choices for In-App Payments


iPhone's NFC contactless feature
Contactless NFC payment on iPhone | Shutterstock


iOS 17.4 has added new options for in-app payments. The Contactless & NFC feature is now available under the Privacy & Security menu within Settings, allowing users to explore various methods for making in-app purchases.

Initially aimed at EU users, it is yet to be seen whether this feature will be extended to other regions as well, thus offering new avenues for users worldwide to make secure in-app transactions.

Expressive Emoji Galore


New emojis on Apple's iPhone
Apple's new fun emojis | Emojipedia


iOS updates usually come with new emoji characters, adding more fun and personality to digital conversations. With the release of iOS 17.4, Apple introduced 118 new emojis that users can enjoy.

These emojis include expressive gestures such as head nods and shakes and whimsical additions like a phoenix and a slice of lime.

By using these emojis, users can express themselves creatively and make everyday communication more interesting and delightful.

Enhanced iMessage Security


Picture of iMessage chat and FaceTime feature on iPhone
iMessage on iPhone | Shutterstock


Apple's latest iOS 17.4 update is designed to confront increasing digital risks by enhancing the security of iMessage conversations against potential cyber threats.

This improvement is particularly intended to counter potential attacks by advanced technologies like quantum computing. Even though such attacks have not yet been reported, Apple's proactive approach demonstrates its commitment to protecting user privacy and ensuring the security of its messaging platform.

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Podcast Transcripts for Accessibility

iOS 17.4 makes a step towards accessibility by introducing a new feature that enables users to view transcripts of podcasts while listening to them.

This feature enhances the podcast listening experience by allowing users to follow along with the audio and search within the transcript for specific content. It makes podcasts more inclusive and convenient for all users, regardless of their hearing abilities.

Virtual Card Numbers for Secure Transactions


Apple iPhone's settings screenshot to set up virtual card number
Setting up virtual card number on iPhone | Screenshot


iOS 17.4 enhances Apple Cash, including virtual card numbers that behave just like physical cards.

These cards feature individual numbers, expiry dates, and security codes, providing users additional flexibility and security for online transactions with merchants.

This improvement increases the safety and convenience of using Apple Cash for financial transactions.

City Digital Widget for Time Tracking



iPhone city digital widget
City digital widget | iPhone screengrab

IOS 17.4 introduces the City Digital widget for users who value customisation and utility. It features a new digital clock display with a fixed location setting.

This feature caters to individuals who find value in keeping track of time across different time zones or maintaining a connection with loved ones in distant places, offering a convenient way to stay organized and connected.

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Enhanced Device Protection


Screenshot of Apple iPhone stolen device protection feature in settings
Stolen device protection | Screenshot


iOS 17.4 has improved Stolen Device Protection by strengthening device security and introducing more customization options.

With the latest update, users can specify when to enforce a security delay, consistently or only in specific locations.

This added flexibility allows users to better protect their sensitive data in case of device loss or theft, giving them an increased sense of security and peace of mind.

Battery Health Readout


Screenshot indicating iPhone battery battery settings
Battery settings menu on iPhone | Screenshot


It's crucial to keep track of your device's battery health in order to maximize its performance and lifespan. The latest version of iOS, 17.4, now includes a Battery Health feature specifically designed for iPhone 15 models.

This feature provides users with important information about their battery's condition and performance, empowering them to make informed decisions about using and charging their device to extend its battery life effectively.

Multilingual Siri Capabilities


Photo of iPhone reacting to
"Hey Siri" | Omid Armin/Unsplash


Siri's linguistic capabilities in iOS 17.4 have been expanded, enabling the virtual assistant to read messages in various languages.

Considering the diverse user base, this improvement has been made, ensuring effortless communication and accessibility across different linguistic contexts. It allows users to interact with Siri more easily and efficiently, irrespective of their preferred language.

Enhanced Apple CarPlay Experience


Apple car play feature in a car
Carplay feature | Proper Honest Tech/YT


iOS 17.4 includes an upgraded version of Apple CarPlay that works with select supported vehicles.

The updated version includes a new Maps instrument cluster that provides better information display while driving. The enhanced driving experience offers greater convenience and utility to users on the road.

The upgrade ensures that drivers stay connected and informed safely and efficiently, making the driving experience smoother and more enjoyable.