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Is Al Nassr Ditching Ronaldo? Why Al Nassr boss Rudi Garcia Said Ronaldo Will End Career in Europe

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By Oscar Blair - - 5 Mins Read

After playing just two games with his new club, Cristiano Ronaldo has started receiving backlash even from his coach. A press conference with Al Nassr boss Rudi Garcia suggests that the club will soon ditch Cristiano Ronaldo after failing to perform at a high level. Despite Cristiano Ronaldo's age, the phenomenal footballer managed to complete a mouth-watering deal with Al Nassr, which will see him earn about half a billion dollars within two and a half years. 

However, a new interview with Al Nassr boss Rudi Garcia shows that the club is not happy with his debut performance for the club. Al Nassr's boss has already suggested Cristiano won't be ending his career at the club as he will soon find a spot in Europe. In another Al Nassr match, the club was eliminated from the Saudi Super Cup after losing 3-1 to Al Ittihad. It was a game that saw an awful Cristiano Ronaldo performance. A close look at the match showed Cristiano wasn't the only player at fault, as the whole team didn't play well. 

But Rudi Garcia wasn't too pleased with Cristiano Ronaldo's performance that night. Many Al Nassr supporters had expected him to play at a higher level other than what they witnessed. Al Nassr's boss didn't stop criticizing Ronaldo's performance in front of the press. In his words, "One of the things that changed the course of the match was Cristiano's missed opportunity in the first half."

Missing chances in the first half weren't the only problem Al Nassr's coach saw in Cristiano Ronaldo's performance. He also mentioned that the team often passed the ball more to him, which he did not utilize effectively. Ronaldo had secured a move to Saudi Arabia after numerous sources reported that many European clubs weren't ready to have him in their club. Cristiano Ronaldo's age has been a major factor in their decision, and his performance in the past year has declined. Also, it was believed that many clubs shunned a move for him because of the huge wage he earned. Before his move to Saudi Arabia, he was just behind Messi as the highest-paid footballer. 

The Pathfinding Interview 

Before his move to Al Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo engaged in a controversial and bombshell interview, making Manchester United cut their ties with him. During the interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo said he wouldn't be ending his career in Asia or the Middle East. According to him in the interview, he had "offers" from several European clubs. 

During the interview, Piers Morgan had asked Ronaldo, "If it was just about money, you'd be in Saudi Arabia earning this king's ransom, but that's not what motivates you. You want to keep at the top?" Ronaldo nodded his head in agreement before saying, "exactly."

But, it seems things didn't go as planned for Ronaldo after credible transfer sources announced the top footballer would be moving to Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, Ronaldo might still compete in Europe after Rudi Garcia comments on the post-Al Nassr match conference. He said, "He is one of the best players in the world. He will not finish his career at Al-Nassr, he will return to Europe."