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Israel at War: Current Shocking Horror Stories from Israel

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Representation of Israel and Palestine flags
Isreal/Palestine | hapelinium/Shutterstock

Israeli Vs Palestine - The 75-Year-Old Grudge That Caused A Global Conflict

It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise, we should grow too fond of it - Robert. E. Lee

One would think of this notable quote by Robert. E. Lee was an inspiration to any nation to stop and think about the consequences of war, however, war has always been the agelong tool for settling disputes, as with the case between Israel and Palestine.

75 years a sworn enemy, these two countries have constantly drawn swords against each other that one could argue that peace is a word alien to both. News of the ongoing blood-thirsty rampage may sound horrifying to onlookers, but one must know that this conflict has been in existence for 75 years.

The beginning of 1948 recorded the first Arab-Israeli war that displaced 750,000 Palestinians after the State of Israel was created. Although the war ended the following year, Israel had already been divided by the war, and the tension increased as the Arab countries learned the reality of their lost territory to Israel.

Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on Israel some years later in a bid to recover its lost territory, resulting in an almost futile attempt. There was a series of back & forth until Egypt agreed to a peace treaty (Camp David Accords) with Israel in 1979.

Neighboring relations improved for a while, but matters of Palestinian governance remained an issue that stirred conflicts at intervals and 75 years later, both parties are yet to make a lasting resolution to their disputes.

Paranoia As More Israelites Wake Up To News Of Kidnapped Relatives

The Israeli-Palestine war has left behind a trail of shock, confusion, and fear as the death toll has increased to 300 people. More people have taken to social media to express their horror at discovering that Hamas is taking friends and families. 


The Palestine group infiltrated Isreal's border on its Jewish Holiday while citizens celebrated with friends and family, oblivious to the enemy attack. Thousands of rockets were launched into Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip last Saturday, and 200 people have lost their lives, with over a thousand badly injured.


Image showing an armed personnel pushing a woman into a van
Video footage shows suspected Hamas member kidnapping Israelis | NBC/YT


Hamas has released footage of kidnapped citizens, confirmed by the Israeli military that the group indeed has citizens and soldiers as hostages.


A distraught 42-year-old man, Jehan Berman, also narrated how he received news of his mother-in-law's disappearance from the Israeli authorities, and the panic sensed from her voice after receiving a call from her describes just how worried a lot of citizens are about the ongoing situation.


More people continue to stumble on news of their injured or dead family and friends through social media footage continually being released by Hamas.

HAMAS - The Palestine Group That Infiltrated Israel During A Festive Holiday.

After the Operation Al-AQsa Flood that caught Israel unprepared, the major question on everyone's lip has been about HAMAS, the militant group that staged the attack.


Image shows Hamas militants breaking down a border fence in Isreal
Militants break down wall separating Israel and Palestine | Anas-Mohammed



Hamas is a Palestinian movement that boasts of its resolve to destroy Israel and convert it into an Islamic nation. It has launched several attacks on Israel since 2007, aiding other allies to launch deadly rockets into Israel. Although Israel has retaliated against the attack in similar deadly attempts, the Palestine group remains unfazed in its resolve to end its eternal enemy, Israel.


Hamas is also reportedly believed to be a terrorist group sponsored by the Iranian government to achieve its mission. 750 Israelis are currently still missing ever since the attack on Saturday.

"We Are Putting A Complete Seige On Gaza" - Israeli Government Responds To Attack.

The Israeli government has released a video statement of its resolve on the ongoing war between the Palestinians. In the video, Israel's Defense Minister, Mr. Yaov Gallant, declared its intended course of action; "We are putting a complete siege on Gaza … No electricity, no food, no water, no gas – it’s all closed,” he affirmed. 


This would seem a reasonable approach since the Gaza Strip is a Hamas-led town with 2.3 million inhabitants. This would be a deadly blow to Hamas since Israel is in charge of its air and water bodies, and the area depends on Israel for Its supply. 


Israel's military spokesperson has also confirmed that the country has “control” of its communities despite Hamas's infiltration of its territory.

Celebrities Show Solidarity Support For Israel On Social Media 

Amidst the crisis faced by the nation, certain celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis, Amy Schumer, and Israeli-born Gal Gadot have taken to social media to declare their unwavering support for Israel at these times. 


A notable one would be the actress's inciting post on Instagram, where she declares her support for Israel, calling for people to make a stand in solidarity. 


"The world cannot sit on the fence when these horrific acts of terror are happening!” she wrote.


Gal Gadot has also used her social media platforms to post updates on the war on her stories in recent days.