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Kate Bush Samples Her Hit Songs Out of Her Own Farts!

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Kate Bush performing a song on a stage
Kate Bush performing one of her songs | CNN/YT

Long-Time English Singer Catherine Bush Allegedly Records Sounds Of Her Farts To Make Music Beats.


It has just been revealed that 65-year-old singer and songwriter popularly known as Kate Bush makes her music beats from the sounds of her fat which most people find amazing and creative.


Kate is known to have a jovial and amazing personality. However, her new creativity of making music beat from the sounds of her fart is something that everyone finds weird and unusual.


A music producer and section singer on one of Kate's albums, Donal Lunny, shared an honest complimentary comment about the singer in a magazine interview. He said, "Someone told me that she sampled a sound from her fart on the Fairlight one day and happily played beats on it.”


Kate made her first breakthrough in music in 1976, when she sang Windy Moors on Heights and was just 19 years of age at the time. She later went to build a music studio next to her home just so she could be more relaxed and undisturbed while she created her personalized sounds just like she wanted them. 


The saxophone artist who played the wind instrument on the album released in 1993, 'The Red Roses,' said he was amazed by Kate's personality. Kate took his taxes for him and returned a few minutes later with a bowl filled with curry.

He told the magazine crew, “The first time I visited Kate at home, I was with two of  my saxes, but when she met me at the door, she took them both from me and said, ‘I’ll be right back in a minute, I’m cooking a curry.’ She was also catering for everyone as well.”


In 2023, exactly 37 years after its original release, Kate became the first oldest female artist to attain No. 1 on the list when her song  "Running Up That Hill" was played as a soundtrack on Stranger Things, a series movie on Netflix.


Kate Bush music 'Running Up That Hill'
Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill' | Shutterstock


Gisting about her unconventional music production in 2016, Kate revealed she is an adventurous person and also likes to perform experiments in her studio.


Quoted from her words in a magazine, the singer said, "Most people find it hilarious that ideas brought life from under my skirt. Everything about me, both the good and bad pours out in the form of music. The sound is terrible, it comes out like the idea is real! She said laughing. It's also a hint that so much of my music comes from inside of me, it was from my stomach, my excretions, we also had to be careful with the title, but then, my skirt was blowing up, and there was nothing about the wind that contributed to it so that makes the album one big fart."


She said in another interview Kate mentioned that it was important to make her musical experiments in a way that reflected her life on a personal level. According to her, this decision has helped her express her songwriting talent in the only ways she loved.


The songwriters would be joining the family of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York later in November.