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Lad Narrates How His Dog's Weird Name Hindered Him from Getting a Girlfriend

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
A person holding up a cute puppy
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It is vital to think outside the box when choosing a name for a dog, however, not so much that you'll feel embarrassed when calling it out in public.


You want a name that reflects your puppy's cute personality without being too generic or long. Some often seek inspiration from TV shows or books, while others choose 'human ' names or ask friends and family for advice. If you are looking for a befitting name for your dog, here are 150 Puppy Names you can choose from.


Funny dog names can put you in embarrassing and uncomfortable situations. Several people have been publicly humiliated because of how funny and weird their dog names sound.


Help! My Dog Won't Let Me Get A Girlfriend 


This is the agony of a teenage boy who was left humiliated after his hilarious dad chose his golden retriever's name in secret and left him red-faced at the vet.


The 19-year-old son shared how his parents gifted him the puppy, but he left her in the safe hands of his parents for a couple of weeks because he could not take her home straight away, so they registered her with a local vet under a name they'd picked. 


However, instead of listing the dog under the name the son had chosen (Holly), his dad decided to go 'rogue' and named the dog  (Mizz Princess Hollywood). The teen explained, "I have no idea about this. 


Six months later, when he was taking the dog in for a check-up and going to the front desk, they found her listed as her kennel club name. "I sigh, laugh, and say, 'Just Holly' I knew exactly what happened.


A person walking a dog


Here's the most humiliating part of the story, the poor boy was sitting next to a cute girl in the waiting room and already hitting off.


He explained: she came in with a beautiful German shepherd pup and sat by me," Our pups started playing together so we also started to talk. We're hitting it off, talking about the joys and downs of owning a puppy but then the receptionist steps up and calls Mizz Princess Hollywood. "


Although he could catch the funny side, he was still embarrassed by the situation, mainly because he sat next to a 'cute girl' when his dog's name was called.

"I just walked into the exam room red-faced and never saw her again."

Another family learned their lesson the hard way after their son's preschool teacher complained about the name they'd chosen for their Dalmatian puppy.


The teacher said it was "extremely inappropriate" and that a one-year-old child should not be using that language.


The one-year-old kid explained, "My uncle and auntie just got an adorable puppy, and everyone has been trying to help them come up with names, as they hadn't thought of one before adopting.

"We thought about a bunch of names, but they finally decided to name the dog Tucker.


"Everybody says it was adorable. What could go wrong with such a nice name?


Regardless, the mum couldn't help but laugh at the whole conversation and tried to put the teacher straight about the dog's actual name - which wasn't what it seemed.