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Landlords Escort Twitter Employees Out of Singapore Office Over Failure to Pay Rent

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Employees working for Twitter have been evicted from Twitter’s Asia Pacific headquarters after Elon Musk failed to pay their rent. Since Elon Musk Twitter takeover, the social media platform has been involved in one problem or the other. A Twitter user covering news for Platformer reported that Twitter employees were reportedly walked out of the office by the landlords. 

"I'm told Twitter employees were just walked out of its Singapore office — its Asia-Pacific headquarters — over nonpayment of rent. Landlords walked employees out of the building," Casey Newton, Platformer reporter, said

According to information from Bloomberg, existing workers that survived the Twitter layoffs were unceremoniously escorted out of the company’s 22,000-square-foot office at the CapitaGreen building in Singapore. This office in Singapore has served as Twitter's Asia-Pacific headquarters since 2015. 

The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday before 5 p.m. when the landlord's representatives who have the property evicted the embarrassed Twitter employees from the office. This is not the first time landlords have threatened Twitter's office as it appears to be one of the strategies to reduce costs since Elon Musk Twitter Takeover. 

The same issue happened in their office in San Francisco and Seattle. However, a new report from Insider claims Elon Musk has settled the landlords after the infamous incident in Singapore. The rent, due on Wednesday, was later paid by Elon Musk on Thursday, allowing the remaining Twitter employees to return to work. 

Twitter in Shambles Since Elon Musk Takeover 

The incident that happened on Wednesday isn't the first time Twitter employees have been embarrassed over rent owed by Elon Musk. The first thing Elon Musk did after taking over Twitter was to lay off thousands of workers. Twitter employees fired were said to be angry with the manner the social media platform handled the situation.

Some of the Twitter employees fired even sued the company for delaying paying them their outstanding arrears. Most of the remaining Singapore employees are now placed in remote working positions to cut the cost of running an office. According to Bloomberg reports, the Singapore employees have been classified as remote workers in Twitter’s internal system until further notice. 

Several news channels have reached out to CapitaLand, the real estate group in charge of the CapitaGreen building, for comments, but they are yet to get back to them. It has also been hard to reach Twitter for comment on the recent incident, but they don't currently have a communications department. 

The Janitor department wasn't left out, as Elon Musk removed as many staff as possible. The Guardian reported it, and one of the Twitter employees fired recounted how things have become hard for her since Elon Musk fired her as one of the company’s janitors. 

"I was so happy working for Twitter. I was able to pay my bills, get babysitters for my kids. Now, it’s a nightmare for me. I don’t know how I’m going to do it or know what’s going to happen. There was no explanation. We worked Monday, the 19th, and that night we got the message. It was shocking right before Christmas. We didn’t have a good holiday. No merry Christmas, no happy new year, we were thinking about our jobs and if we were going back," Laureta, the fired Twitter janitor, said.