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LeBron James Smashes New NBA Record After He Did This

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By Oscar Blair - - 5 Mins Read

After breaking another record in his last ten games, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James hasn't shown signs of slowing down. LeBron James's NBA records have been impeccable, but he is setting more records in the league as the weeks go by. 

Recently, an independent NBA records watchdog revealed the Lakers starman had broken another NBA record in his last ten games. In his last ten games, LeBron James has about 35.1 points, 9.6 rebounds, and 7.9 assists per contest. These numbers above are quite jaw-breaking for someone who is about to turn 39 years old this year. Those who are even in their prime in the NBA have struggled to reach LeBron James's level in his twilight years. 

According to data provided by StatMuse, LeBron James is the first player older than 29 to do that in a 10-game period. In a tweet, StatMuse explained the record which LeBron James broke and how it would be very hard for even players to reach such records. LeBron James' career points are already out of reach for most players.

In a tweet, StatMuse said, "LeBron's last ten games: 

35.1 PPG 

9.6 RPG

7.9 APG. 

He's the 4th player in NBA history to average that or better in a 10-game span. He's the only one to do it over the age of 29."

On Sunday night, LeBron James was the key figure that helped the Lakers to a miraculous comeback during their game against Portland Trail Blazers in Oregon. During the game, the Lakers were already behind the Portland Trail Blazers by 25 points. However, LeBron James was one of the key players to lead the Lakers to win the game 121-112. James showed his class throughout the game as he had 37 points, 11 rebounds, and four assists in 36 minutes of playing time. 

Lakers Having a Below-average Season 

Despite his age, LeBron James is having a tremendous impact on the success of the Lakers this season. The NBA A-list player has been averaging 29.8 points, 8.5 rebounds, 6.9 assists, and 1.0 steals in a game. Also, within the season, LeBron James has been shooting 50.8% from the field. 

Even though LeBron James has been playing exceptionally at the Los Angeles Lakers, they have lagged in their league. The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 22-25 in 47 games, placing them as the 12th seed in the Western Conference. 

The NBA team has played poorly whenever their big stars aren't part of the team. Even when they take the worst NBA sides without LeBron James, they always struggle during the game. 

But their stats in the last ten games have been promising, and it looks like they are finally making progress. In their last ten games, they are currently on a 6-4 and in the middle of a two-game winning streak. If they keep playing the way they did in their last two games, there are chances they will still recover their lost chances.