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LeBron's Son Bronny Suffers Horrifying Cardiac Arrest, Why Fans Are Worried

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Bronny James
Bronny James (Shutterstock) |

The basketball world and the whole sports industry were thrown into a frenzy after it made the news that LeBron James' son, Bronny, had a cardiac arrest. The incident happened on the 24th of July when Bronny James was practicing with his teammates at the University of Southern California.


News of Bronny's cardiac arrest quickly spread since his father, LeBron James, is a highly influential sports personality and is regarded by many as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Bronny's cardiac arrest occurred while he was practicing, and he was promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention.


The next day on the 25th of July, it was revealed that Bronny James had left the intensive care unit and had been stabilized by the hospital. However, those with good knowledge of the situation say he will stay in the hospital for a few more days before being discharged. Apparently, the doctors will conduct tests to determine the cause of the cardiac arrest before discharge. This leads to the question, what caused Bronny James's heart attack? 

What Caused Bronny James's Heart Attack? 

Up till now, LeBron James's family has not shared any details regarding the event and what caused the cardiac arrest.

There hasn't been much news from the James family since the recent update, except for a heart emoji photo shared by Bronny James's 16-year-old brother, Bryce, on his Instagram story.

Although it's not uncommon for young people to experience cardiac arrests, many were taken aback by the news of Bronny James's.

LeBron James poses for a photo with his sons Bryce and Baron
LeBron James and his sons Bryce and Baron (Sports Illustrated)

The 18-year-old future NBA prospect joins the list of well-known active athletes that suffered cardiac arrest while doing their job. Some other athletes who took the highlight during their own event are Christian Eriksen and Damar Hamlin.


Cardiac arrest mostly happens when the heart falls out of rhythm and stops working. It could be due to a disease in the body or the effect of some bad habits. But in the case of Bronny James, a lot of questions come up. Obesity, smoking, and excessive drinking are one of the causes.


From what the public knows, Bronny is not known for excessive drinking or smoking. It is also important to note that family history can increase the likelihood of experiencing a heart attack. Additionally, there is some research suggesting that taking certain vaccines may increase the risk of cardiac arrest. 

A Hindrance to LeBron James's Dream? 

It appears that LeBron James may not have the opportunity to play with his son again, as there have been no updates from his family. As a basketball legend, one of his biggest aspirations was to play alongside his son before retiring. He has expressed his desire to do so for at least a year before leaving professional basketball.

Bronny is perceived to have great potential in the NBA alongside his brother Bryce who is potentially on rader for the Lakers.

The basketball and the whole sports world hope nothing terrible happens to Bronny James. Bronny James' stats are pretty good, and he is expected to make his NBA debut in the fall of 2024.