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Lil Wayne And 2 Chainz Reveal the Best Beatmakers Ever

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz photo mix
Lil Wayne/2 Chainz | Shutterstock/WireImage/VotMedia

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz recently engaged in a fascinating conversation about their picks for the most exceptional beatmakers in music history.


The duo, who have both collaborative projects and individual successes, shared insights into their musical preferences and influences, paving the way into the minds of two iconic figures in the rap world.

Hip-Hop Icons Deliberate: The G.O.A.T. Producers

In a candid session of GOAT Talk aired on a Tuesday, these Southern rap legends took on an array of topics.


In a variety of questions, the "G.O.A.T. Producer" topic sparked a vibrant exchange of ideas. 2 Chainz, after a moment of contemplation, ardently endorsed Kanye West as a standout producer.


On the other hand, Lil Wayne, known for his discerning taste, highlighted the brilliance of Mannie Fresh alongside Kanye West in the pantheon of eminent beatmakers.


The revelation by these illustrious artists sparked curiosity among fans, igniting discussions and debates across social media platforms and music forums.

A Testament to Musical Mastery

The conversation around the best beatmakers coincided with the release of Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz's collaborative album, Welcome 2 Collegrove, in mid-November. The album serves as a sequel to their acclaimed 2016 project, Collegrove.


In a critical review by Alec Siegel on HipHopDX, the album received praise for its meticulous sequencing to a blockbuster film, interspersed with narrative interludes by none other than 50 Cent. Siegel noted the juxtaposition between scenes and tracks, framing an overarching cinematic experience.


The album's production, a cornerstone of its allure, boasts a lineup comprising of Southern rap such as Mannie Fresh, DJ Toomp, Juicy J, and Mike Dean. Noteworthy contributions from New York's Havoc on tracks like the ODB tribute "Shame" and "Bars" also elevated the album. 


Siegel further lauded the production quality, acknowledging the album's opulence in sound and the evident investment in superior beats.


Tracks like "Big Diamonds" and "Long Story Short" were lauded for their resonance, fitting seamlessly into classic rap. The soulful undertones in "P.P.A.," "Oprah & Gayle," and "Can't Believe You" showed the lyrical prowess of both rappers, merging soulful instrumentals with their resonant, gravelly-toned deliveries.


Lil Wayne's discography stands as a testament to the evolution and innovation within the hip-hop genre. His collaborations with multiple producers have consistently propelled his music to new heights, marking a sonic journey that resonates with audiences worldwide.


Among his celebrated tracks, the role of beatmakers becomes pronounced, shaping the very essence and vibe of each song.


Who are the Best Music Producers in the World?

Beatmakers are super influential in the music industry and get a lot of recognition for it. When famous artists like Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz pick their beats, it's not just about opinions. It's a big deal because it shows the skill and artistry that goes into making great music.

The ongoing conversation surrounding the greatest beat makers of all time continues to evoke passionate discussions within the music community.


As the legacy of esteemed producers intertwines with the narratives crafted by artists like Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, it solidifies the symbiotic relationship between beats and lyrics, shaping the very fabric of hip-hop culture.