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Man Shares Comical Travel Encounter and Why You Shouldn't Swap Seats on a Flight

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
A man sleeping on a plane with mouth agape as he snores
That feeling when all you need on a flight is just some good sleep (Credit: Shutterstock) |

Have you ever been seated on a plane, and another passenger comes to you and offers to exchange seats with you? If you are an avid plane user, you would know customers have the weirdest reasons to swap seats with others. 


So there's this crazy plane encounter a man had and decided to share the story on Reddit. Steve's story is quite comical, but you can help share his frustrations. Of course, no one enjoys a stressful flight, especially when you only want to get a good sleep!


It started with Steve boarding a plane after a long day at work. Before going forward, the story is said to have happened about 8 years ago.


Steve had entered New York due to work-related issues for the first time. It was apparent that the work he did require long hours. Anyways, many jobs require long hours nowadays. So, after working in New York for a week, he was to board a plane and go back to Salt Lake City the following evening, and that's where his predicament started. 


Upon boarding the plane, Steve looked at his ticket and discovered that his seat was in row 12. So the plan was to board the long flight, take some sleeping pills, and then rest/sleep all the way to Salt Lake City. But it seems fate had other plans. 


An avid plane user would know that seat numbers can range from ABC DEF. So Steve was to take one of the alphabets in row 12. As he entered the plane, he noticed that seat CDEF was all taken, and he was to take seat F.


Seeing his reserved seat taken, he walked up to the woman sitting there and told her she was seated in his reserved space. That was where the problem began. The woman argued that the seat was hers. Then Steve brought out his ticket and showed it to the woman to clarify things. When the woman realized she was wrong, she told Steve she could have her other seat since she was already settled. 



The aisle of a passenger plane, an air hostess attending to passengers



With the intention to sleep, Steve didn't care and just went to Seat A (belonging to the woman) and sat down. He had already taken his sleeping pills and was waiting for when he would be in the dreamland, exploring the other world, when he was tapped on the shoulder.


Steve looked, and it was the woman whom he exchanged seats with. She claimed she was no longer comfortable with Seat F and wanted Seat A back. She claimed she had claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is the fear of confined spaces. So Steve moved back to seat F. 

"Well I'm sure she's full of shit and just wants to enjoy having the middle seat empty but what can I do? Technically she does hold that ticket and I'm tired and just want to sleep so I move to 12F. 12E and 11F both mention to me I'm too nice for putting up with this shit. I agree, but fuck it, I want to sleep so bad, so I fall back asleep," Steve narrated.


Minutes later, the woman returned and said she was exiting the plane because of a panic attack. Instead of returning to Seat F, Steve just decided to stay in Seat A since the woman won't be around anymore.


As it appears, the seat the woman was supposed to sit on was given to someone else. This person approached Steve and requested him to vacate the seat as it was meant for them instead of Steve.

Steve ended up on Seat F and tried to sleep again. The new man returned and said he was no longer staying in Seat A. He wanted to leave for other "better" seats in the back. Poor Steve didn't seem to mind as he groped his way back to 12A just to get back to sleep.

Well, Steve didn't fail to leave us a warning so we don't suffer his fate.


"TL;DR WTF is wrong with me, never give up your seat people."


That's one heck of a crazy travel story a man shared on Reddit. What would you have done if you were in Steve's shoes?