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Who is Maria Branyas Morera, the World's Oldest Person

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Maria Branyas Morera, the world
Maria Branyas Morera | MariaBranyas112/X

The Oldest Person In The World Is 117 Years Old

March 4th, 2024 was the birthday of the oldest person in the world Marian Branyas Morera.

Marian Branyas Morera was Born in San Francisco on March 4, 1907. Eight years later, the now great-grandmother relocated to Spain with her family and has been in a nursing home for the elderly for 23 years and counting.


Maria became the oldest person in the world after the French Nun Lucile Randon died in January last year at the age of 118.


To celebrate her birthday, Maria, who is also an active user of X, formerly Twitter, shared a post on her page: "Good morning world! I turned 117 years old today. I have come this far!

The nurses who take care of Maria at the nursing home say she has been doing super fine with her health and that she has no mental or physical problems that are usually related to people her age aside from mobility issues and hearing difficulties.


Maria Branyas Morera's age has certainly not affected her health in any way, as the old woman still boasts of a vivid memory with an accurate recount of past events.


In addition, there are no signs of cardiovascular diseases commonly found in elderly people.


Her exceptional health has forced scientists to develop an interest in studying her body and genetics, as Maria's good health can seemingly be traced to her family's genetics.


A good number of people in her family are over 90 years old, and all are doing fine, too. 


Maria Branyas is very excited. On her birthday, she shows her appreciation to everyone who celebrates her and wishes her a longer life and good health.


So many people have shown keen interest in Maria's health, and she has agreed to tests that would be carried out by scientists to gain more depth into the secret of her good health and long life. 


Samples of Maria's Urine, blood, and saliva were taken to conduct the test together with that of her 80-year-old, which will be compared, and the scientists hope that the results will be able to birth the production of drugs that could fight diseases that are related to old age.


Maria had hearing difficulties only because she had an accident as a child. She fell while playing with her brother during a trip from America to Spain.


Her family now communicates with her through voice-to-text devices. This was not the only accident that occurred during the ship trip; Maria's father also died as a result of pulmonary tuberculosis a few miles to the end of the journey.


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Maria married Joan Moret in 1931, and although he died in 1976, the marriage was blessed with three children.


August, their only son, died at the age of 86 after an accident with a big tractor, but her 2 grown-up daughters still visit her. She has 11 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren who cherish and love her fondly.