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Meet the Superhero Couple That Make Babies to Save Humanity

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Many people have started speaking about the importance of preserving lives on Earth. To preserve life on earth, the human population has to increase, and that can only be done by having more babies. But the situation of thighs on earth, coupled with declining economies, made many couples leave child-making, even when they desire to have more children. But there's a couple that stands out, and they have been making massive contributions to ensure that life on Earth is preserved. 

Simone and Malcolm Collin are two American entrepreneurs who are very much concerned about the declining world population. They created a ‘non-denominational’ campaign group called Pronatalist.org, and they are eager to help the world come off from what they consider a disaster. They are helping to bring more children to Earth to increase life on Earth. Their organization, under the umbrella of their non-profit Pragmatist Foundation, has raised a lot of money to achieve their aim. They recently got a huge $482,000 (£385,000) donation from Jaan Tallinn, an Estonian tech billionaire. This same billionaire has been helping them to seek partnerships with health and government officials that would help them achieve their aim. 

While speaking about those who are noticing the change in the human population, Malcolm Collins said it is mostly those living in Silicon Valley that knows much about what is happening. However, he highlighted that even people outside the USA are beginning to understand the effects of decreasing population density. "I don’t think it’s appealing to [just] Silicon Valley people. It’s more like anyone familiar with modern science and familiar with statistics is aware that this is an issue, and they are focused on it. The reason why you see Silicon Valley people disproportionately being drawn to this is they’re obsessed with data enough, and wealthy enough, to be looking at things – and who also have enough wealth and power that they’re not afraid of being canceled," Malcolm Collins said. 

The World will Soon Hit the Iceberg 

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Malcom says that the world right now is like the Titanic, and if care is not taken, it will soon hit the iceberg. But he noted that their goal was not to stop the Titanic from hitting the iceberg; rather, it was to ensure the world survives the effects. "We are on the Titanic right now. The Titanic is going to hit the iceberg. There is no way around it at this point. Our goal is not to prevent the Titanic from hitting the iceberg; it’s to ready the life rafts," Malcom said. Also read: Skipping breakfast at home may increase chance of kids and teens developing psychological health problems 

Simone said she initially didn't like the idea of making babies but got to love the idea when she got married to Malcolm. She recalled her situation when she was single by saying," I was very excited to spend my life alone, to never get married, to never have kids. Do you want to hold the baby?” I was one of those who’s like, “No, you keep it. I will watch that baby from behind the glass and be a lot more comfortable."

Simone and Malcolm Collin aren't the only people interested in bringing more life to the world. Jake Kozloski, the Miami-based co-founder, while speaking about the movement, said," We are quite familiar with the pronatalist movement and are supporters of it."