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Messi's Picture Lifting World Cup Trophy is Now The Most Liked on Instagram

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

The picture of Messi as he lifted the world cup trophy is now the most-liked post on Instagram, surpassing a record set by the picture of an egg. Soon after winning the FIFA world cup hosted in Qatar, Lionel Messi posted photos from the event, which gathered many likes from fans. 

Before becoming the most-liked post on Instagram, the post Lionel Messi made was initially the most-liked photo of any sportsperson on Instagram. Lionel Messi's rival Cristiano Ronaldo had previously held the record when he posted a picture of him and Messi in a Louis Vuitton advert at 42 million likes. 

However, Messi surpassed this record by Cristiano Ronaldo and the one held by the egg picture. One may wonder how the picture of an egg got so many likes on Instagram; it has a weird story. 

Someone had created an Instagram account and posted a picture of an egg. The post caption told people to like the picture to break the record of the most liked picture on Instagram; Kylie Jenner previously held that. 

The World Record Egg has over 56 million likes on Instagram

More Details About Lionel Messi's Post 

With many pictures attached to this particular post, the one that stands out is the one with Lionel Messi lifting the trophy. 

The caption of the post read, "CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! So many times I dreamed it, so much I wanted it that I still didn't fall, I can’t believe it…… Thank you so much to my family, to all who support me and also to all who believed in us.

"We prove once again that Argentinians, when we fight together and united, we are able to achieve what we aim. The merit of this group, which is above individuals, is the strength of all fighting for the same dream that was also the one of all Argentinians… We did it!!! LET’S GO ARGENTINA DAMN!!!!! We’re seeing each other very soon."

Messi's post has over 60 million likes at the time of this report

This single post attracted many people to like and comment on it. Even football legends and former teammates such as Pele, Alba, Ronaldinho, and Sergio Busquets congratulated the world cup winner. In less than two days after posting this picture on Instagram, it will soon get to 61 million likes at the time of writing. 

Messi's Ultimate Dream Comes to Pass

During interviews, Lionel Messi made it known that he would prefer the world cup over any other award in the football world. At the time, he was even asked if he preferred one world cup against 5 Ballon D'ors, and he chose the world cup. 

So it was a dream come true for Lionel Messi after he achieved his long-time goal of having the world cup in his trophy cabinet. However, it was not an easy road to winning the world cup; it came with challenges. 

Argentina had come close to winning the world cup in 2014, but they bottled all their chances to allow Germany to lift the trophy. Even in 2022, Argentina lost its first game, and it seemed they weren't going to impact the tournament. 

However, things changed for the better when the Albiceleste went on to win the remaining group games and topped their group. They kicked Australia out in the knockout stages, beat Netherlands, Croatia, and finally France to win the Cup.