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Meta Quits Support for Meta Quest 1 Headset

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
A little kid wearing the Meta Quest headsets
Featured Photo | Boumen Japet / Shutterstock.com

Meta has announced it will no longer provide bug fixes or security updates for the Meta Quest 1 headset. This move follows their January 2023 decision to stop releasing new features and Meta Quest apps for the Meta Quest 1 on the Quest Store. 

Users can still download and use existing apps as long as developers support them, but the end of Meta Quest 1 support raises concerns about potential security risks.

No More Updates

In a message titled "Changes to Quest 1 Experience," Meta confirmed the end of hardware support for the Meta Quest 1 headset starting August 31, 2024.

"We'd like to let you know that starting 31st August 2024, we will no longer provide bug fixes or security updates for Meta Quest 1 headsets."

“If any security vulnerabilities are found in the future, private data stored on or accessible from the device could be compromised,” the email said

This announcement has left many users concerned about the security of their devices. Meta has advised users to be cautious and to contact Meta Store Support with any further inquiries.

Impact on Users

The end of Meta Quest 1 support will have a massive impact on the device's users. Without ongoing updates, the Meta Quest 1 headset will become vulnerable to security threats.

Meta's message explicitly states that if new security vulnerabilities are discovered, private data on the device could be at risk.

This change affects the device's security and functionality. While users can still download and use existing apps, they will rely on developers to continue supporting them.

If developers choose to stop supporting their apps for Meta Quest 1, users may find themselves unable to use some of their favorite applications.

Beat Saber and New Models

The popular VR game Beat Saber will also see the end of support on the Meta Quest 1. Starting November 2, the game will no longer have multiplayer or leaderboard functions, although it will remain playable.

Meta has shifted its focus to newer models, offering the Quest 2 at a reduced price of $199 for the 128GB model. This discount led to a sell-out, and Meta is now promoting the Quest 3 model, starting at $499.

Beat Saber, known for its engaging gameplay and strong community, will lose key features on the Meta Quest 1. The end of multiplayer and leaderboard functions means that players will miss out on the competitive and social aspects of the game.

Players who wish to enjoy the full range of Beat Saber’s capabilities will need to upgrade to a newer device.

Meta's decision to end Meta Quest 1 support reflects the trend that most companies are moving towards advanced devices.

Users must now weigh the risks of using the Meta Quest 1 headset without updates, try to adapt to these changes, and consider upgrading to newer models for better support and security.