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Meta Shocks Employees, Announces Rigorous Promotion Procedures

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg | Shutterstock

Recently, there has been a lot of pressure on Meta employees due to the economic downturn. The past few months have been extremely busy for the company, with many employees losing their jobs as a result of ongoing restructuring. Additionally, the company is currently focused on cutting costs and implementing a period of austerity to ensure efficiency in its operations.


While Meta employees still complain about the current working conditions, Meta could only add to it. In the latest report, several top sources, including The Insider, claimed the company is on the verge of making more stringent decisions.


Meta is planning to make promotions harder for its employees. You know all the benefits that come with promotions — higher pay, better working conditions, and all, Meta plans to put a halt to that or at least limit it. 


It was alleged that Maher Saba, head of engineering and remote presence at Meta, told Meta managers that getting a company promotion would be harder. With Meta's employee count reduced, the tech giant is said it will introduce new criteria for getting promotions.


Insider reported on Tuesday that Meta managers who were planning to apply for promotions within the next one or two years may need to reconsider their plans. Meta has made some recent decisions that are not positive.

Meta Change Promotion Criteria 

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A major highlight in the new development is that Meta has changed the criteria for getting promotions for managers in the company. Some of the activities or achievements which earned many Meta managers their promotions will be abolished.


The Insider reported that Meta managers had previously gotten promotions based on how large their teams were. So the more they can "accumulate" more teams, the more their chances of getting promoted increase. But that route is now dead. With the Meta employee countdown, they are taking another route to offering promotions. 


First things first, Meta managers have been made to know that even after meeting the new requirements, they won't be getting promotions as often as they had done in the past. According to those familiar with the recent changes, the new promotion criteria will now be based on teams' ability to move forward and not just assemble large teams.


After all, constant Meta Layoffs have steadily reduced the number of people working for the tech giant. With more than 20,000 laid off from Meta, their current employee count stands at about 65,000. 


The reason for the layoffs? "We should prepare ourselves for the possibility that this new economic reality will continue for many years," Mark Zuckerberg said. 

Mark Zuckerberg a New Fan of Layoffs 

Several reports show that Mark Zuckerberg is now a fan of company layoffs and restructuring. The billionaire had previously said they were laying off workers in preparation for the harsh economic realities setting in. Unlike him, Zuckerberg admitted he is a big fan of how Tesla and Twitter handled their massive layoffs. 


"My sense is that there were a lot of other people who thought that those were good changes, but who may have been a little shy about doing them," Zuckerberg said while speaking on the Lex Fridman Podcast.