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Meta's AI Chips Development Would Birth The "Fastest AI Computer in the World"

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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Facebook parent company Meta has announced with a blog post that they are developing an AI chip that could birth the fastest computer in the world. They revealed that they will make huge strides in AI development, and more solutions will be released in the following decades. In addition, top-notch AI applications will be added to their family of apps. 


"Our artificial intelligence (AI) compute needs will grow dramatically over the next decade as we break new ground in AI research, ship more cutting-edge AI applications and experiences across our family of apps, and build our long-term vision of the metaverse.


We are executing on an ambitious plan to build the next generation of Meta's AI infrastructure, and today, we're sharing some details on our progress," Meta added


According to Meta, their current principal mission is to develop one of the fastest computers in the world. According to Meta AI computer news, they said they are already in the second phase of their 16,000 GPU supercomputer for AI research. To achieve this, they will collaborate with AI chip companies and other groups of engineers to achieve their objectives. 


"This includes our first custom silicon chip for running AI models, a new AI-optimized data center design, and the second phase of our 16,000 GPU supercomputer for AI research. These efforts — and additional projects still underway — will enable us to develop larger, more sophisticated AI models and then deploy them efficiently at scale. AI is already at the core of our products, enabling better personalization, safer and fairer products, and richer experiences while also helping businesses reach the audiences they care about most," Meta added. 

Meta to Add An AI Coding Assistant 

In a series of announcements, Meta said they would be recreating and redeveloping the way people have been coding in the past. They announced the deployment of a new coding assistant that will help developers to be more consistent and productive with their work. This AI coding assistant will be named CodeCompose and will be available throughout a software development circle. 


"We're even reimagining how we code by deploying CodeCompose, a generative AI-based coding assistant we developed to make our developers more productive throughout the software development lifecycle.


By rethinking how we innovate across our infrastructure, we're creating a scalable foundation to power emerging opportunities in areas like generative AI and the metaverse," Meta noted. 


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Meta's Journey in AI Development 

In 2020, Meta started making huge strides in AI development and the release of solutions. They released their first-generation silicon chip for its AI models under MTIA (Meta Training and Inference Accelerator) in 2020. Since then, the tech giant has created a series of products to help grow the AI sector. 


They will complement this new development with the creation of chips that will change the dynamics of GPUs. Apart from the MTIA (Meta Training and Inference Accelerator) in 2020, Meta plans to create new chips with better specifications and performance than the initial creations. A new data center will also be created by optimizing its AI and video transcoding chips.