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MicroStrategy Boosts Bitcoin Portfolio Ahead of Christmas

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
MicroStrategy; Bitcoin on a pile
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MicroStrategy's increasing investment in Bitcoin reflects its CEO, Michael Saylor's strong belief in its long-term potential.


Michael Saylor is a well-known advocate of Bitcoin, who sees it as a superior alternative to traditional fiat currencies. MicroStrategy's moves indicate the company's trust in Bitcoin as a store of value.


Let’s briefly look at how this played out.

MicroStrategy Increases Bitcoin Holdings to 174,530 BTC

MicroStrategy Bitcoin holdings have once again been increased, solid proof of its confidence in the cryptocurrency.


The company purchased 16,130 BTC worth about $593 million in its latest acquisition. This move comes as Bitcoin consolidates above the $37,000 mark. According to some analysts, that signifies a period of accumulation for the popular cryptocurrency ahead of the bull run.


MicroStrategy's announcement of a new Bitcoin purchase followed with a 10% rise in the cryptocurrency's price. The company had previously reported a $900 million gain on its Bitcoin holdings in the third quarter of 2022. At that time, CEO Phong Le suggested that MicroStrategy continue making regular Bitcoin purchases. 


MicroStrategy's CEO Michael Saylor announced on November 30th that the company had purchased additional Bitcoin, bringing their total holdings to 174,530 Bitcoin, worth approximately $6.6 billion at the time.

Michael Saylor; vintage profile image
Michael Saylor | YT/VotMedia


This latest purchase follows a previous acquisition of 5,445 Bitcoin for $147 million, further solidifying MicroStrategy's position as a prominent supporter of the apex cryptocurrency.


With the recent increase in the cryptocurrency price, Michael Saylor Bitcoin buys has now made over $1 billion in profits from investments alone.


Overall, the company has invested $5.2 billion in Bitcoin, with an average purchase price of $30,252 per coin. This vast investment reflects MicroStrategy's belief in Bitcoin's long-term potential as a hedge against inflation.


MicroStrategy has regularly added to its Bitcoin holdings since its first purchase in August 2020. As part of its strategy, MicroStrategy also holds the Bitcoin it purchases on its balance sheet rather than selling it for profit. This approach has led to significant gains for the company but still exposes it to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market.

Will there be a price pullback? 

The rising price of Bitcoin has contributed a long way to the cryptocurrency market's bullish or bearish nature.


From every analysis, the upward trend in the Bitcoin market depends on continued momentum. If this momentum slows down or stops, the trend could reverse.


There are many potential triggers for a pullback in Bitcoin prices. Macroeconomic conditions, regulatory changes, geopolitical events, and technical factors can all play a role. If these factors align in a way that causes investors to become more risk-management-centered, it could lead to a sell-off and a price decline.

MicroStrategy Bitcoin holdings did come at the right time because the market looks slightly stable. If there should be a potential pullback in the Bitcoin market, it could be due to traders taking profits or a lack of sustained buying pressure from spot investors. Without intense buying pressure from spot investors, a minor pullback is possible.