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MMA Fighter Alexander Pisarev Dies After Eating Poisoned Watermelon

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

MMA fighter Alexander Pisarev has passed away at 33 years old with a doctor's report suggesting possible food poisoning from a watermelon. 

Alexander Pisarev died in his sleep, and an examination from doctors shows that a watermelon eaten by the fighter might have been poisoned.

According to reports from a trusted Russian news outlet, Pravda, the MMA fighter, had died from food poisoning while his wife was at the hospital. 

The wife of the fighter and the father live in the same flat in Balashikha, a neighborhood in Moscow. The MMA fighter Igor Vladimirovich's father has invited him and his wife to a supper where they ate poisoned watermelon.

It is reported that both Alexander Pisarev and his wife had gone back to sleep before his father discovered that they weren't breathing well again. Both of them were rushed to a hospital which confirmed MMA fighter Alexander Pisarev dead while his wife was being treated. 

Alexander Pisarev Wife Survives

Although Alexander Pisarev died from food poisoning, his wife managed to make it out alive and is currently being treated at the hospital. 

When the MMA fighter's father returned from an evening stroll, he discovered that his son wasn't breathing anymore, but his wife showed signs of life. She was rushed to the hospital and was immediately attended to, and that saved her life. 

A member of a fighting team that Alexander Pisarev belonged to, Tomahawk, has issued a statement describing how they deeply feel about the loss of the young fighter. 

"My brother, my friend, my student! Words cannot express the extent of the loss. Alexander Pisarev is the standard of friendship, decency, and courage of a Russian person. I and we will miss you!!! Rest in peace, our brother," the statement read.

More Details About the Russian Fighter 

Alexander Pisarev was a Russian MMA fighter with a 3-2. This means the fighter had fought about five times throughout his career in MMA. He had won 3 of those fights and lost 2 of them.

He participated in his last fight in February 2022 before he died on the 30th of October of the same year. Not much is known about the MMA fighter as he had kept his personal life away from the public. He was born in Russia in 1989 into a Christian family. 

Before his death, his net worth was around 1.5 million US dollars, and he came from a mixed ethnic group. Apart from his stint as an MMA fighter, Alexander Pisarev was also very good at hand-to-hand fighting and is a former Moscow champion in grappling. 

Since his death, professionals are currently looking into what might have caused the unfortunate incident. Although watermelons have not been known to contain harmful bacteria inbuilt, it could be that the one eaten by Alexander Pisarev was contaminated from the outside. More details about his death have not been released, and they will be done when a full autopsy is carried out.