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Mourinho Named His Best 11 Players - Or Did He Not?

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Photo of AS Roma head coach Jose Mourinho
AS Roma head coach Jose Mourinho | Shutterstock

Jose Mourinho, the enigmatic football manager whose name resonates across the sport's rankings, recently found himself at the centre of a vibrant discussion regarding an all-time best 11 attributed to him.


The renowned coach of AS Roma, known for his strategic brilliance and successful stints at top-tier clubs, has been rumored to have a special liking for certain players.


But did Mourinho really unveil his all-time best XI?


But hold on to your scarves and jerseys, people – Mourinho has absolutely slammed the rumors, labeling them as nothing more than "fake news."


The commotion began with the emergence of a graphic on the Obi One Podcast, claiming to unveil Mourinho's dream team.


This alleged list of  11 sent shockwaves through the footballing community, as it was dominated by familiar faces from his managerial journey, particularly during his reigns at Chelsea and Real Madrid.


The controversy gained popularity as fans and specialists dissected the lineup, raising questions about player omissions and surprising inclusions.


Picture this: a 4-3-3 formation with Chelsea's defensive trio William Gallas, John Terry, and Ricardo Carvalho standing guard alongside Inter Milan legend Javier Zanetti.


The midfield boasted the formidable duo of Claude Makelele and Frank Lampard, flanked by Mesut Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Eden Hazard in attack. The decorated Sergio Ramos was absent, leaving many scratching their heads at the unexpected snub.


As we know, Mourinho is not one to shy away from the limelight, promptly took to Instagram to extinguish the flames of speculation. In a categorical denial, he dismissed the alleged lineup as pure "fake news."


The post conveyed Mourinho's refusal to partake in such selections, emphasizing the impossibility for him to pick the best XI from the multitude of top-class players he has managed. 


"I never ever did this. I always refused to do it, it is impossible for me to do it and I didn’t do it. Fake news," Mourinho called out on Instagram


The controversy sparks a debate about the validity of such lineups and shines a light on Mourinho's principled stance against singling out individuals.


In an era where individual accolades often take precedence, Mourinho's view serves as a poignant reminder of the power of collective spirit in achieving greatness.


"I’ve had so many top players, but the most important thing is what those players gave to me. Players who gave me everything: quality, effort, blood and soul, they are all in my best eleven. All of them," he vehemently stated.


Mourinho emphasizes the immeasurable contributions beyond technical prowess—qualities like effort, resilience, and a relentless drive to excel, which often go unnoticed in the allure of selecting the best 11.


His Instagram proclamation oozed genuine admiration and respect for the warriors who graced his squads over the years.


"I love my players, I respect my players. Fake news. Please respect my history and respect my boys," Jose Mourinho added.


At Roma, Mourinho's imprint extends beyond tactical formations and match strategies; it embodies an unwavering belief in the strength of a united collective.


His refusal to adhere to the best 11 concepts serves as an ode to the myriad facets of player contributions, each instrumental in shaping a team's journey towards achieving their goals.


Now, let's take a look at the saga. Though now deleted, the alleged lineup continues to move around through different football platforms and social media.