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Neighbor: Building A Network Of Trusted Hosts And Renters

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By vot_ad_news_1290 - - 5 Mins Read

Are you suddenly in need of extra room to put your belongings? Looking for ideas on how to use your spare room?

Neighbor Storage is the best solution for you!

Through Neighbor Storage, you can rent a garage, closet, or whatever else you require so that you can keep the items you value without cluttering up your home.

If you’ve got self-storage units such as sheds or lockers that you currently don’t use, why not become a Neighbor host and enjoy a steady stream of income. 

How Does Neighbor Works?

Renting out your space has never been easier thanks to Neighbor Storage!

The platform is made specifically to assist users in discovering storage facilities that are currently accessible in their area.

Neighbor offers hosts an exciting way of utilizing their extra space in their homes and connecting them with renters who are looking for better storage options that are within their budget! 

Each month, hosts can generate passive income with ease. Hosts always retain complete control over who rents out their storage space as they can manage their accounts from their phones or computers. 

Renters can find hosts at various locations as the platform grows every day thanks to continued trust and support from users. If you are looking for a space, you can definitely customize your options on the app or website. Available units and their prices are shown on the map of your area, sounds convenient!

For added comfort, renters have the option to make online payments using a credit card plus the ability to keep track of all transactions online or on a mobile device.

What You Can Rent  

From small spaces to entire warehouses, you can find just about anything to rent on Neighbor Storage. With a wide range of options, renters can find a storage space that fits their needs and budget. Meanwhile, hosts can enjoy partnering with Neighbor that can connect them to many potential renters.

You can rent the following:

  • Self Storage Units such as storage sheds
  • Storage Lockers such as closets, garages, basements, etc.
  • Parking Spaces such as driveways, carports, and lots
  • You can even rent warehouses

How Much Will You Make? 

Hosts have the potential to make $30 on their driveway space and it goes upwards from there the larger the space you rent!

You can make a pretty good passive income renting out an extra room, such as a garage or lot that otherwise might not be used by Neighbor. 

Host Experience

Becoming a host on Neighbor has been a fulfilling experience for many and they recommend Neighbor’s approval process which has always been relatively easy and straightforward. 

You list your space with photos and details, and Renters contact you to learn more or rent it right away. Neighbor is bringing innovation by removing any barriers between hosts and renters. Communication between both parties is easy as well, most of it is done via the website or app.

Renters Experience

“I Earned Extra $50 A Month, Thanks to Neighbor”

Neighbor has been the best option for renters who are using the platform to save time and money. They love the convenience and security of using Neighbor to store their belongings without facing inflated costs or hidden charges!