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New Features Samsung Will Bring to S23 After OneUI 6.1 Upgrade

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Samsung launch The New Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on February 2,2023 bangkok ,thailand
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra | Framesira / Shutterstock.com

Despite being in second place behind Apple in smartphone sales, Samsung will bring the most exciting features from the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup to its older phones and tablets.

The catalyst for this transformation is the eagerly anticipated OneUI 6.1 update. 

As we look into the intricacies of this update, the spotlight is on the introduction of Galaxy AI, a suite of generative AI features that promises to redefine the user experience.

Galaxy AI Unleashed: Features in OneUI 6.1

Samsung's Galaxy AI, the star of the new Galaxy S24 lineup, is not confined to the latest flagship phones.

With OneUI 6.1, this advanced AI technology is set to cascade onto last year's tablets, foldables, and smartphones. 

The update, slated to roll out to Samsung devices in late March, brings a plethora of innovative features that span across various aspects of daily usage.

Communication Evolution: Chat Assist, Live Translate, and Interpreter

Among the headline features are Chat Assist, Live Translate, and Interpreter.

These tools are designed to elevate communication by integrating translations and, in some instances, adjusting the tone of text messages, live phone calls, and real-world conversations.

Users can expect a more fluid and dynamic interaction experience, easily transcending language barriers.

Automated Assistance: Note Assist, Browser Assist, and Transcript Assist

OneUI 6.1 introduces a suite of automated assistants, including Note Assist, Browser Assist, and Transcript Assist.

These features generate automated summaries for text and audio content stored in Samsung apps or viewed through the Samsung Internet Browser.


Screenshot of note translation feature with Samsung Galaxy AI
Translating notes with Samsung Galaxy AI | Samsung


This automation promises to enhance productivity and accessibility, making information retrieval more efficient and user-friendly.

Creative Enhancements: Generative Edit, Edit Suggestions, and Instant Slo-mo

For the creative minds, OneUI 6.1 introduces Generative Edit, Edit Suggestions, and Instant Slo-mo.

These features leverage generative AI to simplify the process of editing videos and photos.

From filling in blank spaces left behind when removing an object from a photo to seamlessly slowing down a video, these tools open up new possibilities for creative expression.

Circle to Search: A Surprising Gem from Galaxy AI

A standout feature, Circle to Search, isn't exclusive to Galaxy AI but has proven exceptionally useful.

By holding down the home button, users can enter a mode that allows them to circle anything on the phone's screen and perform a Google Search.

Initially tailored for the S Pen on the Ultra, this feature's expansion to stylus-less devices like the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro underscores its universal utility.

Requirements and Rollout: Navigating OneUI 6.1

As users eagerly anticipate the arrival of OneUI 6.1, it's essential to understand the prerequisites and expectations associated with this transformative update.

Essential Requirements for Galaxy AI Utilization

To harness the full potential of Galaxy AI, users need to ensure the OneUI update is installed on their devices.

A Samsung account is a prerequisite, emphasizing the seamless integration of Samsung's ecosystem.

While some skills, such as translations and tone adjustments in chats, can run locally on S24 devices, it appears that older Galaxy devices may necessitate an internet connection to leverage the power of Galaxy AI fully.

OneUI 6.1 Release Date

The much-anticipated OneUI 6.1 is poised for release in late March.

While Samsung has not provided a specific start date, these software updates typically unfold in waves, reaching customers across days or weeks.

Before expanding globally, the release pattern is often initiated in Samsung's home country, South Korea.

Users worldwide can look forward to an imminent upgrade that redefines their device's capabilities.