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Nvidia Exec Says AI Will Make Everyone Programmers

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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Nvidia president and CEO Jensen Huang released a new bombshell after he said that everyone could become a programmer with the advent of artificial intelligence. He highlighted that people wouldn't need to type to program, as A.I. capabilities would be able to understand speech.


Just after Nvidia's stellar earnings report and subsequent stock rally, the company's CEO reiterated that the world is entering a new era where the tools and abilities required for computer programming would be readily available. By speaking to a computer powered by artificial intelligence, the computer can program whatever you need. 


Nvidia's CEO comments note that manual programmers will soon be discarded due to the increment of A.I. adoption. After introducing a new A.I. supercomputer platform called DGX GH200, the company's CEO says they will build A.I. generative models to help in complex processes like programming.


Generative A.I. is an artificial intelligence technology that can generate different types of content. It can produce audio, text, and video when instructions are given. "This computer doesn't care how you program it, it will try to understand what you mean, because it has this incredible large language model capability. And so the programming barrier is incredibly low," Huang highlighted during his keynote speech. 


According to the CEO of Nvidia, they have closed the digital divide between the average person and tech experts." We have closed the digital divide. Everyone is a programmer. Now, you just have to say something to the computer," Huang added.


The CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang
Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO ( I-Hwa Cheng/Bloomberg via Getty Images)


From an official statement from the company, they said that the new invention is the most important technology of this generation. They pointed out that individuals and companies can now create work apps and websites without a programmer's help. 

Programming Made Easy with Prompt 

Nvidia further revealed that the new technology would help everyone. Those who program apps and websites will now find it easy to manage application development and debugging efforts.


Also, creative professionals can create images and videos that meet their expectations by entering a prompt. These scenarios show how the new generative A.I. technology can help different tech employees improve their workflow. Further information showed that even architects could create 3D models of their designs.


"Every single computing era, you could do different things that weren't possible before. Artificial intelligence certainly qualifies," Nvidia CEO added. 


The communication between these A.I. technologies and humans won't be limited to just text and numbers. The new A.I. tech" can now understand multimodality, which is the reason why this computing revolution can impact every industry," Huang said. 


Huang also argued that their new invention wouldn't harm existing applications. Instead, it will amplify how things are being done for the better."


Every application that exists will be better because of A.I.... It can succeed with old applications. And it's going to have new applications. The rate of progress, because it's so easy to use, is the reason why it's growing so fast," Nvidia CEO highlighted.

On the other hand, the Nvidia stock price has risen considerably in the past 24 hours. The surge was triggered by an Nvidia decision to build a category of chips that would boost the advancement of artificial intelligence.