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Poland's President Wants The US to Base Nuclear Weapons in the Country

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Poland President Andrzej Duda has declared that Poland is ready to house some of the nuclear weapons of the United States. 

This statement came out in response to the numerous threats that Vladimir Putin has been issuing to world leaders. The Russian President has threatened to engage in a nuclear war if the situation forces him to do so. 

Many professionals say that the Polish president's request was symbolic as the move would make the US less strategic if they engaged Russia. 

After Russia invaded Ukraine, many things went wrong, as they suffered many losses, including Ukraine regaining control of Lyman. This does not rule out Russia's damage to Ukrainian territories. 

Ukraine refugees in Poland

During an interview with Gazeta Polska Weekly, Duda said that his country had an open status to receiving nuclear warheads from the US. 

He made the statement when asked about the idea of "nuclear sharing," a NATO system that allowed countries without nuclear weapons to host one. 

"There's a potential opportunity to participate in the nuclear sharing program. We have spoken with American leaders about whether the United States is considering such a possibility. The issue is open," President Duda said. 

The president also stressed that the nuclear weapons in Poland would not be under the control of the country. Instead, the US will have absolute control. 

" This would not be a nuclear weapon under the control of Poland. Participation in nuclear sharing does not imply having your own nuclear weapon," President Duda said.

When a US official was asked about the statements made by President Duda, the US official said that the US was not aware of the issues. 

Poland Security Strengthening 

During the interview, Duda also pointed out that some countries that now have nuclear weapons started sharing them. He also said that the long-term goal of Poland was to strengthen its security, and having its own atomic weapon was part of the plan. 

After "Russia invades Ukraine" made the news, Poland made moves to strengthen the country in case of unforeseen circumstances. The government has increased its spending on defense to 3% of its GDP, making them one of the highest in NATO. 

Poland's NATO Allies are also making plans to boost Poland's security. 

During an announcement in June, President Joe Biden promised Poland they would establish a permanent military base in Poland. When this is established, this will become the first permanent NATO base in the Eastern flank. 

Apart from President Joe Biden's announcement in June, the US has been making incredible efforts to ensure that Poland's security is bolstered. 

In September 2022, the US approved funding that amounted to $288.6 million. The funding was part of the US plans to increase the security architecture of Poland since Putin started making threats of nuclear war. 

Poland is also trying their best to help Ukrainian forces as they are the second largest weapons supplier to Ukraine.