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Coffee Not Only Makes You Poop, it Contains Poop Too!

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Three persons hold cups of coffee together
Photo | Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

Words like saliva, puke, or poop are totally gross when we discuss food because it sounds absurd to the human mind why that should be part of any food component.


Although there are exceptions, like the poop emoji being used as a cool way of representing chocolate, it doesn't feel right when you consider the literal meanings.


Recently, most people have been left bewildered after it was revealed that our everyday coffee contains a reasonable amount of poop and they also make you poop too


Besides the poop in the coffee discovery, there are other shocking truths about the contents we consume that you barely know and will be surprised to find out how most of these foods contain waste from animals.


According to the FDA, some disgusting things, such as animal poop or animal hairs, are allowed in food components.


CNN also reported that rodent hairs and 30 other insect parts are allowed in every 3.5 ounces of ingredient.


Even an ounce of spaghetti contains up to 9 types of rodent hairs, and a discovery like this can make you choke on your drink.


You certainly can't escape the phooey!


It may be hard to believe, but some coffee brands use unusual materials in their production process. These can include monkey poop, weasel puke, civet cats, panda poop, and even elephant poop.


The reason behind this is to give the coffee a unique flavor. Interestingly, the coffees made using these animal waste products are typically more expensive than those that are not.


According to a reliable source, coffee berries are initially fed to animals and pass through their digestive system.


Brown coffee beans, a cup of coffee, a jar of grounded coffee
Photo | 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič/Unsplash


During this process, the proteins in the coffee undergo transformation and breakdown. The half-digested cherries are then extracted from the animal excretion and cleaned before being processed.


Other Unbelievable Food Components Allowed By The FDA.

Scrolling through the Food and Drug Administration book before a meal might be bad because you would be shocked at the ridiculous list of materials allowed in minute amounts.


The document contains the substances and their limited defects, such as insect heads, rodent poops, molds, mites, and majors.


It also reveals that cocoa beans contain rodent poops. Research shows the FDA allows this phooey because they are all part of food defects in the regular processing or food growth stage. 


These components are not hazardous to human health as long as they are managed below the action level.


When asked whether bug parts or rodent hair can be excluded from food, Ben Chapman, a professor of human science and agriculture, explained that they are a necessity and can not be removed from food.