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R&B singer R Kelly Handed Fresh 20 Years Sentence

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By Judy Perkins - - 5 Mins Read

In 2021, a popular R&B singer was convicted of violations and racketeering. Barely a year later, a Chicago federal court convicted him on charges of child pornography & enticement into sex where he later received 30 years sentence for his crimes; this encouraged victims of sexual assault & abuse all over the world to continue to speak against their abusers in a #Me Too movement where other prominent men like R.Kelly were being held to account for sexual misconduct and abuse.

The "I believe I can Fly" singer became infamous for multiple cases of sexual misconduct, abuse, and child pornography since the 1990s. There have always been charges of horrible child manipulation & abuse against him over the years.

At a court ruling in Chicago again this year, the R&B star was found guilty of pending child abuse allegations and got a 20-year sentence in addition to his previous jail term of 30 years. However, the 56-year-old may not be spending his entire life in jail as Judge Harry Leinenweber ruled that Kelly should serve all but one year of his sentence in addition to the 30-year sentence received for charges of trafficking and racketeering in a Chicago court trial last year.

A Well Served Justice; R Kelly Case Will Serve As A Deterrent To Other Sex Offenders

R. Kelly's crimes are horrific. It is impossible to overlook the effect it would have on every woman/child he manipulates and abuses using his wealth, fame, and influence. The sentence allows him to spend a little bit of his life outside prison, but it's as good as living in a constant reminder of his crimes, even if he survives till age 100.

Although prosecutors had pushed for a 25-year sentence and for the court to delay the start of this new sentence until he completes the previous 30-year sentence, it is no doubt that the federal judge's decision is still significant and passed as enough punishment for the Grammy Award-Winning Singer who looked downcast and sober all through the verdict.

Kelly did not make any statement before the final verdict, as advised by his lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean. The sentence provides closure to every victim of Kelly's abuse and a clear message that the law will not take the light of a sex offense from anyone, irrespective of age, social status, or wealth.

In 2019, Surviving R. Kelly, a documentary exposing the horrendous atrocities committed by R. Kelly, was aired on TV. Victims of his abuse and molestation recounted their experience with him and how much trauma it had left them with. Stories of women like the late Aliyah, whom he married as a child, and others with pseudo-names like Jerhonda, Stephanie, Sonja, Zel, and Faith were shared. They all narrated how "controlling and intimidating" he was beneath his "charm."

Jane, another victim of R. Kelly, stated as one of the key witnesses in his court hearing. She explained how Kelly brainwashed her into being his "sex slave" and how the experience nearly killed her. We are glad victims are finally getting the justice they serve, and we hope many more offenders like R. Kelly will be brought to justice for their crimes.