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Should You Buy Vertex Pharmaceuticals Stock After 50% Gain?

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
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Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: VRTX) has become synonymous with success in the biotech industry, primarily known for its cystic fibrosis (CF) treatments, generating billions in earnings. 

Recent milestones, including the approval of the gene-editing treatment Casgevy for blood disorders, have increased Vertex's stock to a record high, showing a remarkable 50% gain over the past year.

As investors ponder the sustainability of this growth, it's vital to look into the factors that could influence Vertex Pharmaceuticals' future trajectory.

Vertex Stock Price History: A Steady Climb

Before diving into the current prospects, let's take a moment to appreciate the journey reflected in the Vertex stock price history.

The steady climb over the years shows the company's resilience and strategic advancements in biopharmaceutical.

Understanding this history sets the stage for evaluating the potential longevity of Vertex's success.


  • Billion-Dollar Pain Prospects

Vertex Pharmaceuticals has not rested on its laurels in the CF treatment domain.

Recent positive trial data on VX-548, a non-opioid pain candidate, opens up a new frontier for the company.

VX-548 addresses a gap in the current pain treatment by acting on a sodium channel pivotal in pain signaling.


Graph illustrating mean NPRS over time in post-bunionectomy acute pain study
Mean NPRS over time in post-bunionectomy acute pain study | Vrtx.com


With limited effective options, including concerns about opioid addiction, this potential treatment could revolutionize pain management.

Analysts forecast that VX-548 will reach a peak annual revenue of at least $5 billion.

Vertex aims to submit regulatory applications by midyear, positioning itself for a swift market entry.

The prospect of gaining regulatory approval for both moderate-to-severe acute pain and, in the future, chronic pain positions VX-548 as a pivotal growth product for Vertex.

Investors keen on tapping into emerging pharmaceutical markets may find this opportunity enticing.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Earnings: A Diversified Revenue Stream

Vertex's addition of pain management to its portfolio can potentially increase its revenue streams. This expansion and the ongoing success of CF treatments can contribute to the company's long-term financial stability.

Investors seeking a balanced and robust investment may find Vertex's move into pain management a factor to consider when evaluating the stock.


  •  A New Wave of Dominance in the Cystic Fibrosis Market

Vertex's stronghold in the cystic fibrosis market, driven by its portfolio of life-extending therapies, faces a potential upheaval.

The "Vansa triple" therapy has shown to be more effective than the blockbuster Trikafta in lowering sweat chloride levels in CF patients. Its once-daily pill regimen also adds to its appeal.

While Trikafta's patent secures Vertex's dominance until 2037, the Vanza triple could extend this leadership further if regulatory approval is obtained.

Vertex's plans to file for regulatory review by midyear highlight its commitment to maintaining its edge in the lucrative CF market.

Investors looking for sustained growth in a biotech giant might see the potential of the Vanza triple as a reason to stay invested.

An Attractive Valuation

Despite the significant surge in Vertex's stock price, the company's valuation remains reasonable.

Currently trading at 25 times forward earnings estimates, Vertex offers an attractive proposition considering its near-term growth drivers and long-term prospects. 

Moreover, the market's focus on the recent gains might overshadow the potential impact of new products, such as pain candidate VX-548 and the Vanza triple, on Vertex's revenue trajectory.