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Signal Launches Story Feature For All Users

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Signal, a messaging app, has announced that it will roll out a new story feature available to all users (iOS and Android). On Monday, the company announced the official launch of the feature after they had done some beta testing of the feature with selected users. 

Like other messaging platforms, the Signal stories feature will allow users to create and update their status within 24 hours. 

According to the statement they released, "If your favorite way to update your friends about life disappears in 24 hours, we've got some happy news for you." They also announced that after launching the update on Android and iOS, the desktop update would come soon. 

Signal Users are Relieved by the Update

The Signal stories recently launched will come as a relief to their users who have been requesting that feature. Like WhatsApp stories, it is a great way to view what is happening in their loved ones' lives. 

Nowadays, people don't have to text or call before knowing what is happening in their loved ones' lives. With stories, they can easily post something that is currently going on with them and show them to their friends. 

For instance, Signal says they created the story feature so users can post about the concert they went to without texting their friends about it. 

In their own words, Signal says they are trying to provide their users a place to "tell the kinds of jokes that work better in a sequential image or video format."

"Stories also happen to be one of the most common feature requests we receive worldwide. People use them; people want them, so we're providing a way to do stories privately. And without having to wade through a sea of ads," Signal said in a blog post.

How Does Signal Stories Work? 

From what Signal announced in the update, users can share text, images, and videos on the Signal app. The stories are available for Android and iOS users in the latest versions of Signal (v6.0).

Users who update their stories will be viewed by their friends and acquaintances for 24 hours before it expires. However, users can also delete the stories before 24 hours elapse. 

Signal story feature by Signal.org

Signal claims that the new update is end-to-end encrypted, and only you can select the people who can view your status. 

You can allow everyone on your contact list to view your stories, those whose message requests you have accepted on Signal, or even one person.

Users can also Send Stories To Signal Group Chats 

The new update by Signal will also allow users to share their stories with the group chats they belong in. 

Those who are part of the group will be able to see the story, comment, and react to the story. Like others, you can also comment and interact with stories shared in a Signal group chat. 

The new feature by Signal seems to be like that of WhatsApp, but Signal says that the update they just rolled out is unique to them. 

"Our focus is and has always been on facilitating private, intimate conversations between you and people that matter to you," Signal said.