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Simeon Biles Conquers US Classic in Surprising Return

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Simone Biles performing a gymnastic stunt
Simone Biles performing a stunt (Shutterstock) |

After Simone Biles spent two years trying to recover from the bad old days in the Olympic slum in Tokyo and the noise that came along with her then decision,  she came back with a standing ovation wowing everyone at the last tournament.


Since the incident at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Biles has not been competing in gymnastics. She took a break due to a health issue called "mental block". Medical experts define this as an uncontrollable suppression that makes it challenging to recall something or perform a mental action and can lead to a loss of mental awareness of the body.


Simeon ran away from the field in the presence of several television cameras and most of her closest U.S. rivals, including the Olympic teammates Jordan Chiles,  Jade Carey, and Suni Lee, as she could not cope emotionally.


Simeon could not compete in most games as she withdrew from team finals and dove her way into therapy, including the floor exercise, individual all-around, beam, vault, or uneven bars. While Simeon withdrew, the team went on to bag the silver Olympic medal, and she used her experience to fight for mental health awareness in athletes. 


The 26 years old gymnast didn't return to training until mid-spring, and she became committed to training after having a serious conversation with her coaches. She became fully committed to Saturday night's U.S. Classic in late June, and that was when the story took a positive turn. She stepped on the podium, and the happy shrieks of thousand supporters and the multitude of handmade board signs silenced the noise she had been grappling with for over 700 days finally became silent.


Simone Biles all smiles while performing gymnastic stunts on stage
Simone Biles was all smiles on her return (simeonebiles/Instagram)


She found her way back to training even though she wasn't sure about being up for a third Olympics athlete, together with all the pressure and expectations of being regarded as the greatest of all time.


Just last month, Biles participated in a USA Gymnastics training camp as she has already qualified for the national championships in California.  


In an interview with Sky Sports, she said, "I feel good about where I am currently, both mentally and physically, "I'm glad the night went well. It's more kind of what we already practice in the gym, and we also had a mock meet Saturday.


"I went to camp not long ago, so I can say everything has fallen into place. I'm happy with where I am right now, but I still think there are a few things I need to work on throughout my night in my routines.


"However, I'll say it went pretty well being the first meet back. I'm very, very surprised, but I'm just happy. I feel a lot better now that the big deal is out of the way."


Fans and well-wishers are excited to see Simeon Biles return back in her safe space. Back in control and being the Simone Biles everyone knows, although now married but more mature.