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Software Engineer Reveals How Working in Tech Left Him Incredibly Lonely

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
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The technology sector is one of the largest industries globally, offering numerous benefits for those pursuing a career in tech. These advantages include opportunities for luxurious cars, enjoyable vacations, significant compensation, and occasionally a healthy work-life balance.


Due to the enormous earning potential in this sector, many people often dream of working within the tech sector. Working in tech can be as simple as being a software or hardware engineer.


Nevertheless, sometimes, people don't get a complete overview of what it takes to work in this industry. Sometimes, when people consider working in tech, they often skip the cons of working in tech.


So, Alexander Nguyen, a software engineer, gives an insight into what it takes to work on tech. While you might be getting huge cheques as big as $1 million for top-ranking officials, working in tech has some implications. Alexander Nguyen took his time to explain some of the things he missed out on due to this commitment to work in the tech sector. 

 The Journey to Alexander's Dilemma

Alexander Nguyen started by telling the story of how he spent around 4 years acquiring a computer science degree from New York University. He also mentioned how he had the freedom to hang out with friends then.


Alexander Nguyen
Alexander Nguyen | Alexander Nguyen


"I spent four years in New York City and studied computer science at New York University. I always had fun and often explored the city all day and well into the night. During the day, my friends and I got bubble tea from Boba Guys, hung out in Greenwich Village, and people-watched. At night, we went to White Oaks Tavern, the warm and comforting speakeasy bar popular with university students," Alexander Nguyen recounted. 


His story moved to when he started applying for jobs after graduating from school. After being rejected 40 times, he finally got a software-development-engineering job offer from Amazon in 2020.


While this came with the usual perk of a high salary, this job meant that he lost some of his socializing privileges. Alexander Nguyen said he was so surprised it was to find friends after moving to Seattle.

Socializing in Tech Can be Hectic 

Alexander further narrated that his job in tech was so hectic that socializing became an increasingly uphill task. 


"My daily routine fell into a pattern: I woke up, hopped onto my computer, and had my stand-up meeting with five people on my team. I then spent four or five hours either working on coding tasks or having more sit-in meetings, just to hear what other people's designs or software thoughts were about. After work, I was often too tired to socialize, so from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. I ended up making dinner alone or doing house chores," recounted his routine. 


Looking back, Alexander Nguyen says he feels insecure about his job. However, he understands that taking a job that isn't as hectic as tech comes with its own disadvantages.


"I keep asking myself if I'm happy. Having a full-time job doesn't feel like enough. It doesn't give a lot of room for me to make friends, and it wasn't easy moving to another state for the sake of work. I don't know if I want to climb the corporate ladder, spend more time with family, or invest in hobbies. There are pros and cons to all of them, and it's never been an easy decision to make," Alexander Nguyen said in his final address.


Alexander's situation illustrates how people sacrifice certain things to advance their careers and earn more money. With the ever-increasing demand for financial stability, it can be challenging to turn down a lucrative job, particularly in the tech industry.


What do you think? Would you give up fun time with family and friends for a high-paying career in tech?