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Special Days and Dates of March 2024 You Just Can't Miss

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
A calendar placed on a table showcasing March 2024
March, 2024 | Shutterstock

March is such an exciting month! It's the start of the Spring season in many countries worldwide. Not only that, but there are also some super important events in March that everyone knows about, no matter where you are.

The month of March is a fascinating time of the year. It has a rich history that is not widely known. The name March is derived from the Latin word "Martius," which was named after the Roman god of war, "Mars." 

In ancient Rome, March was the month when the winter season ended and the spring season began. It was a time of renewal, growth, and fertility. The month of March was also significant in the Roman calendar because it marked the start of the military campaign season.

Today, March continues to be a month of new beginnings and growth. It is the month when many people celebrate the arrival of spring and the promise of warmer weather. It is also a time when people reflect on the past year's events and set new goals for the future.

March is the third month under the Gregorian and Julian calendars; there are several important events and holidays in March, such as Ramadan, International Women's Day, and World Consumer's Right Day.

Aside from these events, there are several important events in March that we'll be reviewing in the full list below.

Important Events And Holidays In March 

March 1

  • World Civil Defence Day 
  • International Wheelchair Day
  • Share a Smile Day 
  • St David Day 
  • Mountain Hare Day 

March 2 

  • Open Data Day 
  • James Ronald Webster Day 
  • Toddle Waddle 
  • International Rescue Cat Day 
  • Dr. Seus Day 

March 3 

  • World Hearing Day 
  • World Wildlife Day 
  • International Irish Whiskey Day 
  • Namesake Day 
  • Global Omega-3 Day 

March 4

  • World Tennis Day 
  • National Safety Day 
  • World Obesity Day 
  • Matching Band Day 
  • Toy Soldier Day 

March 5

  • Unique Names Day 
  • St Pirans Day 
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder Day 

March 6 

  • National Frozen Food Day 
  • National Dentist's Day 
  • Hospitality Workers in Healthcare Day 
  • National Oreo Cookies Day 

March 7 

  • Plant Power Day 
  • World Book Day 
  • Alexander Graham Bell Day 
  • Name Tag Day 

March 8 

  • International Women's Day 
  • Nasty Day 
  • International Grant Professionals Day 
  • Maha Shivaratri Day 

March 9 

  • Made in UK Day 
  • Panic Day 
  • No smoking Day 

March 10 

  • Ramadan Day 
  • International Wig Day 
  • National Mario Day 
  • CISF Raising Day 

March 11 

  • CommonWealth Day 
  • National Dream Day 
  • National No Smoking Day 
  • World Plumbing Day 

March 12 

  • International Fanny Pack Day 
  • National Girl Scout Day 
  • Mauritius Day 
  • National Working Mom's Day

March 13 

  • National Samaritan Day 
  • National Jewel Day 
  • National Veterans Day 

March 14 

  • White Day 
  • Mothers Day 
  • Science Education Day 
  • World Kidney Day 
  • Legal Assistance Day 

March 15

  • World Speech Day 
  • World Contact Day 
  • World Sleep Day 
  • True Confessions Day 
  • Red Nose Day 

March 16 

  • National Vaccination Day 
  • National Freedom of Information Day
  • National Panda Day 

March 17 

  • National Corn Beef and Cabbage Day 
  • St Patrick Day 

March 18 

  • Global Recycling Day 
  • Companies That Cate Day 
  • Ordnance Factories Day 
  • National Biodiesel Day 

March 19 

  • International Client Day 
  • National Poultry Day 
  • World Social Work Day 

March 20 

  • World Storytelling Day 
  • World Sparrow Day 
  • International Day of Happiness 
  • Alien Abduction Day 

March 21 

  • World Poetry Day 
  • International Day of Forest 
  • Harmony Day 
  • International Color Day

March 22

  • As Young As You Feel Day 
  • World Water Day 
  • National Goof Of Day 

March 23 

  • Atheist Day 
  • World Bear Day 
  • National Puppy Day 

March 24 

  • Flatmates Day 
  • National Cocktail Day 
  • World Tuberculosis Day 

March 25 

  • International Waffel Day 
  • International Day of the Unborn Child 
  • Greek Independence Day 
  • Pecan Day 

March 26 

  • Good Hair Day 
  • Purple Dau of Epilepsy 
  • Live Long and Prosper Day 

March 27 

  • International Scribble Day 
  • World Theater Day 

March 28

  • Wear a Hat Day 
  • Respect your Cat Day 
  • Major League Opening Day 

March 29 

  • World Piano Day 
  • Good Friday 
  • International Mermaid Day 

March 30 

  • National Pencil Day 
  • National Doctors Dag 
  • Black Saturday 

March 31 

  • Easter 
  • World Backup Day 
  • Eiffel Tower Day 
  • International Transgender Visibility Day