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Taylor Swift Sends Warnings to Fans Who Attack Her 'Former Lovers'

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Taylor Swift wears a blunt reaction on stage at the Eras Tour
Taylor Swift/Instagram |

On Saturday night, Taylor Swift, ahead of the release of her next rerecorded album, Speak Now, addressed the online trolling of her former partners during a performance of her Eras tour, reportedly asked her fans not to attack her exes unless they could stay committed to finishing the job.


The pop star took on a direct approach to counter fans who taunted her former lovers.

"As we lead up to this album coming out, I would like to request that all of you either put up or shut up and finally see your threats against my former lovers through to the end,” she said.


"Unless you’re actually going to put John Mayer’s head on a stake, stop posting about it; I want results," Taylor Swift added.


The song titled “Dear John” is widely recognized to be aimed at a particular ex-lover Mayer, 33, with whom Swift had a brief relationship about a year ago.

The lyrics of the song, which were rather emotionally evoking, included these lines — “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with? and “Don’t you think nineteen’s too young to be played by your dark, twisted games When I loved you so.”


Swift explained that she doesn’t need any of her fans to defend her against anything that happened in her past relationships.


Taylor Swift on stage at her Eras Tour
Taylor Swift on stage at her Eras Tour


The 33-year-old singer and songwriter is widely recognized for her awesome songwriting and musical versatility skills, which have an undeniable influence on the music industry.

However,  Taylor Swift has her fair share of experience in the dating world and a track record of sharing all of the highs and lows of each relationship through her music lyrics. Her songs always leave fans trying to figure out which ex-boyfriend inspired the sad lines in her lyrics. According to Page Six, Taylor Swift has dated up to 12 boyfriends from 2008 till now.


Some of Taylor Swift's former boyfriends That Inspired Her Songs


In 2008, Taylor was said to be in a relationship with Joe Jonas which only lasted for a couple of months after he reportedly broke up with her over a 25-second phone call that served as an inspiration for her second album, “Fearless.”


After the first breakup, Taylor met Lucas Till at a music video location where they both co-starred in Swift’s music video 'You Belong With Me' back in 2009. The eventual couple met again on the set of 'Hannah Montana,' the Movie where Swift had a small cameo. However, the pair parted ways months into the relationship, saying they were better off being just friends.


The singer soon had a new flare with Taylor Lautner. However, it was rumored that Lautner was more into Taylor Swift than she was into him, which resulted in their breakup. Swift allegedly wrote the song 'Back to December' about their romance, where she seemingly tried to apologize to Lautner.


In the song lyrics, she took the blame for the failed relationship — “You gave me roses, and I left them there to die. So this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you saying I’m sorry for that night. You gave me all of your love and all I gave you was goodbye”


Taylor and Cory Monteith only dated for about a few months, yet,  he still managed to earn a sweet love song from the singer. It’s been said that the song 'Mine' was about Monteith.


Fast forward to 2012, Taylor dated Conor Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson, for a few short months, and the unlikely pair did raise a couple of eyebrows during that period, given their respective ages at the time. Swift was 22, and Kennedy was just 18.

Going all the way to 2016, Swift found herself in her longest and most secret relationship ever. She and actor Joe Alwyn had met at the 2016 Met Gala festival and started dating a few months later. The duo split in April 2023 after more than six years of being together.