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Taylor Swift's Insta Post is Being Blamed for Instagram Downtime

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Taylor Swift singing on stage
Taylor Swift | Twitter

Thousands of users have expressed displeasure at the connection outage that hit the meta sites Facebook, Instagram, and threads around 10 am EST on Tuesday.


However, theorists are pushing to blame songster Taylor Swift for the inconsistency of Meta sites.


Taylor Swift, a politically active celebrity, took to her Instagram account to encourage her followers to participate in the primaries in their respective states.


She informed them that March 5 was the presidential primary day in Tennessee and 16 other territories and urged them to vote for the candidates who could best represent them.


On that day, 17 states and territories held their primary elections to elect the Democratic and Republican nominees for president.


However, the Grammy-winning musician was silent about who she was urging her followers to vote for.


She never indicated in her post that she had publicly supported President Joe Biden during the 2020 election.


In her Instagram post, Taylor Swift said, "I wanted to remind YOU to vote for the people who represent YOU the most in power. If you have not already made a plan to vote today," she continued, "Whether you're in Tennessee or anywhere in the US, check your polling places at vote.org," tagging the site along with the post.


Coincidentally, shortly after Taylor Swift's Instagram post went viral,  the entire Meta server went down as all the sites from Facebook to Instagram and threads started to have connection issues.


Users were to log in to their accounts, share posts, or view updates as they were being told there was a connection error. 


Many users believed that Taylor Swift's post on Instagram might have something to do with Meta outage, so they took to X, formerly called Twitter, to enquire about the possible cause of the problem.


One conspiracy conclusion that emerged from the tweet was that Taylor might be behind the issue, judging from the post she shared a few hours before the problem started.


"Facebook is down on Super Tuesday voting. Is this a coincidence or conspiracy?" asked a surprised user in a post.


Another bewildered commenter also asked, "Did Taylor break Facebook and Instagram?".


Meanwhile, other commenters boldly linked the downtime to the music superstar.


" Taylor told everyone on Instagram to go and vote, then Instagram and its other servers went out of connection," a commenter responded.


Other users questioned the connection between Facebook and Instagram issues and voting in response to comical theories about Taylor Swift's Instagram posts and Meta server downtime.

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A Meta representative stated that the service disruption was due to their server experiencing downtime.


They also posted a message on X acknowledging the issue and letting users know they are working on resolving it.



However, a happy Elon Musk wouldn't let the downtime slide. He made a joke to highlight the superiority of his platform X, formerly called Twitter.


"We'll, if you're reading this, it shows our servers are working perfectly," he posted on X.


Former US President Donald Trump was contending against Republican candidates, and the outcome would determine who would go against Joe Biden later in November.