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Tesla Owners Always Complain of These 9 Problems

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Tesla car models have done a lot for the world regarding changing the face of the automotive industry and helping with climate change. Since taking over the company and becoming the CEO, Elon Musk should be appreciated for his work in the EV industry. Even the founders and CEOs of other car companies have mentioned how Tesla cars have helped revolutionize the industry. 

But there are still problems with these vehicles which Tesla can look into and make changes to improve its performance. Every car company has its limitations, a reason why these faults should be pointed out so CEOs can rectify them. 

In this article, you will learn some of the limitations of the Tesla car, which the car owners have complained of. 

  • Power Steering Failure 

Every vehicle experiences a power steering failure issue. However, this should not be mentioned about Tesla cars considering that it is the new face of the EV industry. Many new owners of Tesla cars have complained of the power steering failure issue and were even close to dying. 

Power steering failure occurs when the steering wheel of a car suddenly stops working while the car is still driving. This is a hazardous situation, as it can lead to the death of people if they are in the wrong place. Assuming a driver is in a curve and something like this happens, it can lead to the driver's death. This issue caused Elon Musk to recall more than 40,000 Tesla car models after they experienced it. 

  • Replacing Batteries is Costly 

Teslas are often hyped for the advantage they offer drivers in reducing the price of refueling them. Undoubtedly, the price of refueling Teslas with electricity is lower than diesel. And to make it even better, a Tesla after each charge can last for a long time. But the problem is that replacing old batteries is very hard. 

To replace the old battery of Tesla, the costs will depend on the model you are using. For some of the old Tesla car models, you should be spending about $10k for the battery replacement. And for the new models, nothing less than $16k will replace the battery. 

  • Tesla Autopilot Doesn't Work 

Tesla autopilot still doesn't work effectively despite the hype surrounding them. Elon Musk has been doing very much to change the face of the car industry, but he still needs to put in more effort. The central selling point of Tesla is the autopilot, but it doesn't work in many cases. 

Using the autopilot in Teslas can land one in trouble. While using the Tesla autopilot, one still needs to be alert and in front of the wheel. You might even get into accidents if you try using the autopilot to drive. 

  • Cold Weather Affects the Battery 

The battery of a Tesla can go bad in places where the weather is frigid. For drivers who haven't used the Tesla in cold weather, it often surprises them when the car starts acting up. It shouldn't because the cold weather makes the battery of a Tesla slower than usual. 

The cold weather prevents the car's battery from regenerating quickly, which subsequently makes the acceleration drop. This is a bad user experience, as many new drivers can get very anxious when their car's acceleration drops dramatically. 

  • Bad Car Handle 

Many Tesla drivers have complained that the car has one of the worst car handles they have ever seen. The design of a Tesla car handle is very futuristic, which makes it look very good. But it comes with many disadvantages, especially during the winter. 

During the winter, many Tesla drivers have complained of their car door handles freezing to the door. This makes it hard for a driver to start and move immediately, assuming an emergency. 

  • Generic Designs 

Many people don't often care about the designs of Teslas, but others take note of all these. In most cases, the design of most models of Tesla is almost the same. Only a few have some modifications, but they almost still look similar. 

Many Tesla users would have preferred it if the car models came with different major designs so that users could choose. But with the Tesla truck coming up, it seems like Tesla users might finally have their wish granted. 

  • Poor Build Quality 

If something should go wrong with any part of your Tesla, you will need to spend quite a lot of money to replace them. Many Tesla users have complained that the general quality of the car is inferior. Many even went further to say that they were deceived into buying Tesla. 

To Make things even worse, the amount of money many insurance companies charge for Tesla is much higher than for other cars. Poor build quality combined with very high insurance is something that many car owners don't want. 

  • Lack of Tesla Dealership 

For many Tesla owners, their plight is that everything starts and ends with Tesla; there's almost no dealership anywhere. The business model Tesla employed to sell its cars is very different from what people know. 

They sell their cars directly to their customers without the need to go through a dealership. And when they even open branches in some areas, they are usually small and intimate. If you need urgent repairs you can't handle, you might have to wait until Tesla sends maintenance. 

  • No Privacy 

For someone like Elon Musk, one should know they won't have complete privacy in their cars. Many features and technologies in the car make it impossible for car owners to maintain complete privacy. 

Many drivers have noticed that Tesla monitors their traveling history, and video footage can be shared with or without permission.