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Tesla Ventures into Energy Retailing for Tesla Owners to Reduce Energy Costs

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By Judy Perkins - - 5 Mins Read

Charging a Tesla is set to become stress-free after the company announced that it would launch a new plan for unlimited overnight charging for $30 per month. According to the electric car company, the new plan will be part of its objectives to scale its “Tesla Electric” energy retailing business. It was late last year that Tesla cars got their own default Tesla charging. This was after gaining experience through its virtual power plants (VPPs). 

With the newly launched Tesla Electric, those who own Tesla cars could charge them directly from the company's selling point. According to the company, the newly launched Tesla Electric will actively and automatically buy and sell electricity for Tesla Powerwall owners. When Tesla does this, it will help to reduce the cost of charging a Tesla car. 

Drew Baglino, senior vice president of engineering, was the one who announced the new unlimited plan during Tesla Investors Day. In his announcement, he said, "By this summer, we are going to offer retail electricity plans to people who have our cars where they can have unlimited overnight home charging for $30 per month. This is part of reducing the total cost of ownership of our vehicles and the reason why we can do this is because Texas has a ton of wind. And in Texas, the wind blows at night."

The new plan which Tesla has made plans to launch will not only reduce energy costs which is one of the many problems Tesla owners face. It will also lure Tesla car owners into charging their cars at night. When this happens, it will reduce the amount of energy that is consumed during the day. 

Users' Reaction to the New Development 

A Tesla car par with several Tesla cars parked in view
Credit: Craig Adderley via Pexels

Users have reacted positively to the news of the unlimited plan Tesla will be delivering for $30 a month. 

One of the people who commented on the upcoming Tesla charging plan said it was an Elon Musk strategic plan for the future. According to the user, Elon Musk knows that there will be a high demand for solar power and less for diesel at some point in the future. "Tesla's Supercharging Network is not a moat, it is going to be the 21st Century's premier, world wide, 'gas station chain.' Strategic long term vision, Musk is thinking very long term. Imagine the synergies between Tesla, supercharging, membership for nights and Holidays specials, Starlink, Twitter?... In the future solar will provide clean, low cost, power and gasoline will get more expensive as demand for it shrinks," the Tesla user said. 

Another user named BrianK wondered if the capability of Tesla to offer the same plan in other parts of America. The user used California as an instance of his case.

"I've had free EV charging from 7pm -> 2pm and all day weekends (2pm-7pm weekdays is NOT available) for $30/mo for 5 years now. Also in Texas. With 3 EVs I have calculated it would cost us around $70-90/mo. Nice savings, but not a huge windfall. Power here is still in the $0.12/kWh range (Austin Energy). I highly doubt the same pricing would be offered in California for example," the user pointed out. 

Pending when the unlimited plan for $30 a month goes live, Tesla users are still waiting for the company to clarify many things.