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The Truth About Kanye West Relocating To South Africa With New Wife To Start A New Life

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By Oscar Blair - - 5 Mins Read

In a new video of an interview granted by Kanye West, Kanye West hints that he would be relocating to SA with his new wife.

"I am moving to South Africa to start a new life with my new wife", Kanye said.

The video which has now made its round on Twitter has sparked several reactions, especially from South Africans who believe the video might have been doctored and not true.

The controversial rapper has managed to make deadlines since his divorce from Kim Kardashian, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian Celebrity. The couple who were once relationship goals to many since their marriage in 2014, finally divorced in 2020 after having a rocky year.

Reports say that the pair had been headed for an imminent divorce since he expressed support for Donald Trump and made a controversial rant about slavery being " a choice". The couple finally went their separate ways making only appearances in their kid's life.

Kim had been the first one to go public with her boyfriend before Kanye West's relationship with his new beau surfaced online.

Tweeps believe that the video might be doctored as his voice doesn't correlate with the lip sync in the video.

The video of Kanye West appears unrealistic with audio not falling in place with Ye's lip movement

However, tons of hilarious comments have rained since the suspicious video started making rounds on the internet.

MacMabuza on Twitter: "All these celebrities come to SA when their brains stop working, Dave Chappelle came here and returned home better." 

@TBolobedu said: "He must bring his own electricity, we are running short." 

 "Kanye West is moving to South Africa to start a new life with his new wife. That’s according to a video making the rounds. The video is not true, however, the editing and lip-syncing would have an unsuspecting user believing that he is indeed moving to SA" wrote MDN News.

BongoeMoosa posted: "He's full of surprises, I think Yeheni would be an appropriate name and he gets to keep the YE."

@makwelasm wrote: "He looks like a Capetonian, he can fit well in Wynberg Cape Town." 

It is still uncertain whether the information in the video is authentic as Kanye is yet to make an official statement but speculations online suggest otherwise. However, we might be just in for a surprise since Kanye is known for controversial decisions.