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These 8 AI-Generated Images of People Look SOOO Real You Will

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

AI image generators have been around for about a year, but they only came to the limelight towards the end of 2022, when many people started using them. 

AI effects and image-generating websites create images that are so shockingly good that it would be hard to differentiate if they were real or not. It was in January 2021 that DALL-E, an AI image generator, was launched, and it has since created many realistic images of non-existent people. 

Since the creation of DALL-E, many other AI image generators have been popping up, including those used to generate AI images of existing and non-existent humans. AI platform Midjourney is one of the new AI image generators which has grown to become a powerful tool in the hands of its users. 

For instance, one could ask Midjourney to create an image of people in a football stadium, playing and watching football, and it will do just that. It would be so realistic that you will find it hard to know whether there are real people. But there are more examples. 

Group of Women in a Party 

In a post on Twitter, the social media user shared some realistic images of girls at a party drinking and having fun. The photos shared were about four in number depicting different scenarios of women at a party. 

There were three women in one of the pictures, and there were party lights everywhere, and they wore exactly the same clothes you would see people wear at a party. Assuming one doesn't look closely at the photos, one would believe that it was photos of real humans. 


But they aren't, they are AI-Generated photos of women having fun at a party. Though some body parts of the women look distorted. 

In the same post by the Twitter user, another image showed two women in a party scene posing for pictures. They tried having a selfie together, and the camera they used was an old polaroid camera. 

This photo will give you a vibe of the early 80s and 90s, but with women who went to have fun at a party. However, at a closer look, something gave the pictures away as AI-generated: their fingers. The two women in the picture have more than 5 fingers in each hand, which makes them look suspicious and creepy. 

They also had extraordinary teeth. A good look at their mouth showed a scary-looking set of teeth. 

Male AI Pictures Harder to Generate 

The Twitter user also attached four photos of men at the party holding drinks and having fun. In the post, the Twitter user said that one has to be very specific when asking an AI image generator for photos of the male gender. 

He highlighted that the default race for most AI image generators' images is white people. So one has to be specific, assuming they need an image of Asian or black males. The Twitter user said, "I had to be specific to get male-looking AI people-and. Even then, variation is a challenge. It definitely defaults to white people when you ask for 'people."

Just like the images of women at a party, one could see some distortion of their body parts, such as their fingers and teeth. Some of them had teeth that were more than 40 in number.