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This App Will Be Tiktok's Replacement if it's Banned in the US

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By Judy Perkins - - 5 Mins Read

After TikTok faced its first congressional hearing, it became a somewhat obvious possibility that the popular social app will be banned in the US. The TikTok ban in the US, if it happens eventually, would come as terrible news for many, as the video-sharing platform has become one of the most common apps in the United States. 

Known for being incredibly addictive with the great content in the platform, it might have to start looking for alternatives. In reality, TikTok might survive a ban in the  United States, but it's better to be prepared than to be caught unaware. 

Some other video-sharing platforms are available to give you the same experience as TikTok. While it might not be exactly the same as TikTok, it would fill the open gap, assuming there's a TikTok ban. So, we would share some apps that serve as excellent alternatives for TikTok in the US. 

YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts has impressive features that make it the perfect replacement for TikTok in the case of a ban. 

The videos in Shorts are about one minute long, and they are created with mobile phone users in mind. It is like a reel video on TikTok, where you can scroll up and down to view new content. Also, you can change the type of content you want to view on the platform. 

For creators, YouTube Shorts monetization is a perfect avenue to earn money from creating videos. Although some have complained of small earnings, it is still a great alternative. It has an in-built studio where you can create and edit your videos before posting. 

Instagram Reels 

Even before the news of the TikTok ban in the US started making waves, Instagram reels have always been popular. 

Most of the videos here come randomly, and they are mostly 15 seconds long, just like most TikTok videos. As a creator of Instagram reels, an in-built studio allows you to add filters to videos, integrate sounds, and do many things. 


Triller was initially launched in 2015 as a video editing app, but it has grown to become a tremendous video-sharing platform. Most people consider it among the apps well-placed to replace TikTok if it is banned in the US. 

Here, accounts can be private or public, and the feed has many videos from different niches. Creators have it easy on the platform, too, as it comes with an AI tool that helps to edit videos. 


Huddles was formerly known as Clash, and it also stands a chance of replacing TikTok in the case of a ban. 

In many instances, it does not precisely have TikTok features. It has a feed where users can discover videos, but it makes it a little bit hard for fans to find unknown creators.