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Software Firm Comes After Meta for Using Trademark Name for Threads

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
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  • Threads Software is suing Instagram's parent company Meta over unauthorized use of the name Threads in the UK.
  • Threads, an intelligent message hub by Threads Software Ltd, was trademarked in 2012 by JPY Ltd.


Threads Software Limited, a UK software company, is taking legal action against Meta's Instagram due to the unauthorized use of the name "Threads" for their service in the UK.


Meanwhile, in a letter sent by Threads Software Limited and its lawyers, they gave Meta's Instagram a 30-day notice to cease using the name.


Thus, if the injunction is not respected, Threads Software Limited intends to seek legal action from the English courts, which may result in Mark losing some respect, followers, and others.


Recognizing the apparent mismatch between a small company like Threads Software Limited and the tech giant Meta, the company emphasizes that Meta's size does not grant them the right to use the Threads brand name, which is so true.


Moreover, Threads, an intelligent message hub developed by Threads Software Limited, was initially conceived and trademarked in 2012 by JPY Ltd. The service has been actively promoted worldwide since 2014 and beyond.


In 2018, the first commercial sale was made in the USA, prompting JPY Ltd. to create Threads Software Ltd. as a separate company.


Since then, Threads Software Ltd. has licensed nearly 1,000 organizations worldwide, experiencing a significant sales growth of 200% per year as of the time of writing this article.


Despite Meta's attempts, which began in April 2023, to purchase the domain "threads.app" from Threads Software Ltd., every offer was consistently declined, according to the team. Threads Software Ltd. clarified to Meta's Instagram that the domain was not for sale.


Meanwhile, in July 2023, Meta's Instagram announced the launch of its own 'Threads' social media platform while simultaneously removing Threads Software Limited from its Facebook platform, which caused an uproar.


In response to these events, Dr. John Yardley, the Managing Director of Threads Software Ltd., expressed the company's predicament, stating,


"Engaging in a legal battle with a company valued at US$150 billion is undoubtedly a challenging decision. We have dedicated ten years to developing our platform and establishing the recognized brand, Threads. Now, our business faces a serious threat from one of the world's largest technology companies."


Unfazed by the odds, Threads Software Ltd. firmly asserts that Meta's size cannot validate its use of the Threads brand name. Their demand is clear: they want Meta's Instagram to cease using the Threads name promptly.


Meanwhile, failure to do so will result in Threads Software Ltd. seeking an injunction from the UK courts, as said by the team.


About Threads Software


Threads Software offers a cloud-based service that effectively captures, transcribes, and organizes all digital messages, including emails and phone calls, into one easily searchable database.


Thus, this intelligent platform extracts message meta-data to create a subscriber-specific address book automatically, eliminating the need for manual maintenance of contact and company directories, which is a good idea.


Utilizing advanced technology, Threads Software provides high-quality transcriptions by extracting VoIP call and routing data at a greater resolution than most call recording systems, according to the team.


Furthermore, through intelligent processing of email data, Threads enhances its understanding of speech and accurately applies vital context to phone calls.


Moreover, Threads Software Limited's legal action against Meta's Threads highlights the company's firm stance on protecting its trademarked name.


With 30 days given for the name change, Threads Software Ltd. remains committed to preserving its brand identity and ensuring the recognition of Threads as its unique and exclusive property.