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How Tiktok's Restructuring Plans Will Affect Employees in Ireland

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
Tiktok logo on a smartphone
Photo | Solen Feyissa

TikTok, the heavyweight social media giant that has taken the world by storm with its innovative approach to short-form video content, has recently made a major announcement that has sent shockwaves through the tech industry.

Despite its widespread popularity, the company has faced challenges, including declining demand and increased regulatory scrutiny.

In response to these challenges, TikTok has revealed plans for a significant reorganization that will impact its employees in Ireland.

This move is part of a larger trend that has been affecting the tech industry in recent times.

As a result of TikTok's reorganization, several hundred jobs in Ireland are expected to be lost in its Training and Quality section.

The exact number of layoffs has not been released, but it is clear that a large part of the Irish workforce will be affected.

The company's Training and Quality team, whose job is to improve quality control, will be hit the hardest by these cuts.

During the restructuring, TikTok clarified that it would help workers affected by the change.


"Our priority is supporting affected employees through this transition to minimise the impact of the changes. 

"Ireland remains a hugely important base for us, and we're continuing to hire for roles across our business here," a Tiktok spokesperson told the Irish Examiner.

The company has started talking to employees who will be affected by these changes to lessen their effects as much as possible.

Even though there were previous job cuts, TikTok tells its employees that Ireland will still be an important place for business and will continue to hire people for various positions across the country.

A woman holds up a smartphone while opening the Tiktok app
Using Tiktok | Shutterstock

TikTok plans to re-assign around 70% of the employees who may lose their jobs.

Nevertheless, it is uncertain whether the redeployment will occur, and the affected workers may encounter difficulties finding new job positions.

TikTok is undergoing a restructuring at a time when regulators worldwide and in the EU are paying more attention to the company.

Due to user privacy and data security concerns, TikTok's operations have been looked at more closely, leading to investigations and steps by regulators.

How well the company follows the rules and how well it can deal with worries about data security will probably affect how it works and how its employees work together in Ireland in the future.

TikTok, despite changing its structure, remains dedicated to Ireland as a crucial location for its business. The company's continued recruitment for various positions across the business indicates its long-term investment in the Irish market.

TikTok and other tech giants are cutting jobs as part of their ongoing reorganizations in response to changing market conditions.

TikTok's reorganization and regulatory issues have left the future of its employees in Ireland unclear.

While the company promises to support them, the impact of these changes depends on regulatory changes, market conditions, and the company's restructuring efforts.