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Top 10 Biggest Awards in the World of Music

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
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In the electrifying world of music, where melodies ignite souls and lyrics weave stories, nothing quite captures the essence of recognition and excellence like music awards. These glittering spectacles have not only celebrated the artistry of musicians but have also sculpted the very landscape of the music industry itself.


Music awards have been the orchestrators of dreams and the pulse of our sonic culture, from propelling emerging talents to global stardom to sparking debates over artistic merit. Join us as we unveil the definitive list of the biggest music awards that have not just honored greatness but have, in their own right, become a symphony of influence in the ever-evolving symphony of music.


Some of the most esteemed music awards stand out as the crown jewels in this realm. Look into the top 10 biggest music awards worldwide.


1. Grammy Awards

Overshadowing all others is the Grammy, often dubbed the musical equivalent of the Oscars. Started in 1959, the Grammys showcase outstanding musicians, composers, producers, and engineers. It transcends commercial triumph, recognizing excellence across genres. The gilded gramophone statuette stands tall as a beacon of honor. Icons like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, U2, and Stevie Wonder grace the list of most decorated artists.


2. BRIT Awards

In the UK, the BRITs command attention as a paragon of recognition. Launched in 1977, it hails excellence across various categories like British Album of the Year and British Artist of the Year. The trophy, depicting Britannia, personifies Britain's musical prowess. Robbie Williams shines with 18 awards, showcasing his prowess.


3. Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards, established in 1990, resonate globally. Linked with Billboard's music charts, they honor achievements in album sales, streaming, touring, and more. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and BTS claim the spotlight with record victories.


4. American Music Awards (AMAs)

The AMAs, a product of Dick Clark's vision, began in 1973 as a Grammy counterpart. Voted on by the public since 2006, they spotlight commercial prowess and innovation. As of 2003, they've adorned November's calendar.


5. MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)

An astronaut-styled statuette adorns the VMAs, commemorating the best music videos since 1984. As a youth magnet, the event offers a platform for visual creativity and impact. Beyoncé, Madonna, and Lady Gaga bask in the glow of most wins.


6. World Music Awards

These awards, initiated in 1989 in Monte Carlo, celebrate artists with global sales triumphs. Their reach spans continents, broadcasting the ceremony to over 160 countries. The vision of an artist holding the world symbolizes their universal acclaim. Mariah Carey's 19 wins underscore her worldwide resonance.


7. BET Awards

The BET Awards serve as a platform for acknowledging black entertainers and minorities, promoting diversity within the music industry. The award's distinctive design mirrors its commitment to inclusivity. In 2001, Outkast's pioneering victory at the inaugural ceremony established a precedent for recognizing underrepresented voices. This award is a powerful symbol of representation and inclusivity, celebrating artists contributing to the rich tapestry of musical expression.


8. MOBO Awards

Founded in 1996, the MOBO Awards highlight achievements in black-origin music. This annual British accolade fêtes genres like hip-hop, R&B, reggae, and African rhythms. As a powerful showcase of diversity, the MOBO Awards champion vibrant sounds.


9. International Classical Music Awards

The International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) are the ultimate honor in classical music, paying homage to symphonies, choral compositions, and operatic masterpieces. Carrying the legacy of the Cannes Classical Awards, ICMA emerged in 2011 as a torchbearer for acknowledging orchestral magnificence. With a focus on symphonies, choral pieces, and operas, ICMA amplifies the essence of classical music's grandeur. Its establishment marked a pivotal juncture, ushering in a fresh era of acknowledgment for the brilliance found within the realm of orchestral performances and compositions.


10. NME Awards

As the oldest on this list, NME Awards bring humor to the stage. The awards mirror the pulse of the UK's music scene, making light of categories like Villain of the Year. Oasis's three awards set a record emblematic of the indie spirit.


From the grandeur of the Grammys to the eclectic MOBO Awards, each ceremony imparts a unique flavor to the music world. These celebrations honor not just individual feats but also contribute to the evolution of musical culture at large. As artists take center stage, the world watches in awe, a testament to the global resonance of music and its profound impact on our lives.