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15 Reality TV Shows You Have to Add To Your Watchlist

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Kim Kardashian and other actors in Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Kim Kardashian in Keeping Up with the Kardashians | Hulu/YT

Sometimes, it's not movies or documentaries. You just want to spend the whole day tucked in bed & binge-watching your favorite reality TV shows.


If you are a sucker for the drama & excitement these shows entertain us with, chances are you constantly search for the best ones taking over the screens.


In this article, we compiled a list of the top 15 reality TV shows that might tickle your interest this October. From Keeping Up With The Kardashians to Real Housewives & Selling Sunset, you will find a new addition to your watchlist!

15 Reality TV Shows That Should Be On Your Watchlist In 2023

1. The Real Housewives Franchise



This Reality TV show has launched several international and local versions in major cities of the world and it has garnered so much attention from its target audience- women.


In the U.S., the Franchise has 11 iterations already, coupled with the glitz and glamour of women with luxurious lifestyles that it entertains us with. The Real Housewives are not leaving the screens anytime soon so you had better join the millions of viewers who find them a delight.

2. Love Island


You could guess from the name. If you love shows where people love up and romanticize the pettiness and drama that comes with being a couple, then this is a perfect recommendation for you!

In this series, different people (contestants) have to live together in a villa located somewhere simple and picturesque for a couple of weeks. To increase their chances of winning, they each have to couple up with one person and as the show progresses, some may opt out of being with their partners and move to other people in the house. This is usually what heralds the drama you want to see. 

3. Love Is Blind



Love is Blind is another love & dating reality TV show that takes its name literally because participants have to date each other blindly and bet their emotions on the other party before the final reveal where they get to see each other for the first time.


Ever since its inception in 2020, the drama gets intense with each series. Imagine falling in love, dating, and engaging someone you have never seen through custom-made pods given to you by the show, only to find out they don't look like someone you would ever walk the aisle with. The shock, hurt, disappointment, suspense, and relief will keep you glued to your screen for hours non-stop.

4. Are You The One?



If you remember Catfish's Kamie Crawford, then you would have an inkling of how exciting the MTV-sponsored show is. Since he started anchoring the show in 2019, it's been an absolute delight watching the show.

Contestants are told to find their perfect match using an algorithm provided by the show. They are divided into groups and if all of the groups can find their perfect match before the show ends, they share in the mouthwatering cash prize for winners.


5. Big Brother



You’ve probably heard of Big Brother America! The reality show, which launched in the 2000s, has had several spinoffs in different countries of the world and has kicked off nicely since then. 


Housemates with different backgrounds, opinions, and views are made to live together in the same house for a couple of weeks with zero access to the outside world - no phones, no internet, and no outings until the eviction of a housemate or the show is over.


The participants have to compete & complete given tasks together, figure out how to deal with their toxic traits and the drama that comes with having every moment of their life televised for the world to see.

6. Keeping Up with the Kardashians & The Kardashians



The Kardashian sisters have graced our screens for so long that we almost can’t imagine living without them.  From Kris playing mother and still being chic at it to Kourtney being the big sis with Kim, Khloe, Ken, da l,l and Kylie excelling at their different careers and having each other’s backs while at it.


These sisters have shown us their growth, hurts, success, love life, failures, regrets, and comebacks. If you love a family reality show, The Kardashians are your go-to anytime.

7. The Circle



This is the perfect fit for people who prefer wits, charisma, and a blend of digital intelligence because the show tests contestants using a social media-based game. The GenZs would have a good time with this. 

In this game, participants are told to play the game using their real identity or as a catfish. The most convincing contestant wins the show because if they can get others to trust them and believe their faux identity, then their chances of staying till the end increase. 


8. Selling Sunset



You’ve heard about family, game, and relationship reality TV shows but Selling Sunset sets its pace as  Netflix's real estate reality show. You would have a swell time watching groups of realtors in luxurious attires pitching high-end properties for sale.


Although it’s not as intense as another niche, the new season promises more drama like you are used to in reality shows.

9. Bling Empire



Bling Empire is another Netflix show that has performed excellently well on the streaming platforms. The show showcases the lives of wealthy Asians & Asian Americans living their best extravagant lives in Los Angeles. 


Bling Empire attempts to bring the glitz and glamor of a particular demography and social class to the screens and it seems to be doing a good job at it, proven by the new spinoff in New York.

10. The Hills



This show made it to the list despite its short-lived re-runs because of how good it was.  MTV The Hills was a delight on our screens as it explored the lives of ambitious & passionate young people in Los Angeles.


The main characters, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Lauren Conrad, inspired us to pursue dreams despite a troubling relationship life. Although this show has not aired since 2022, you can always catch up & savor the experience from past episodes.

11. Love & Hiphop



If you are a fan of Cardi B, you certainly have watched this or need to catch up on past episodes because the New York show helped nurture the star artiste to fame. It has had another successful spin-off spin-offs, B, and it’s the ideal show for talented artists who intend to share their skills with the world.


Each series sets off with a group of aspiring hip-hop & R&B artists with a passion for getting better and getting known in their career niche. Aside from the New York spinoff, you can also catch up on the Hollywood, Atlanta & Miami editions.

12. The Million Dollar Listing Franchise



Another real estate reality show that has run for 14 seasons successfully ever since its launch in 2006. It is arguably one of the lead shows that increased the popularity of shows like Selling Sunset in today’s age.


Like most shows, The Million Dollar Listing Franchise has created spinoffs that did well on their own. If you are familiar with the New York spinoff,  you would agree that agents like Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund are hard to forget.

13. My Super Sweet 16



16 is an exciting age that promises a lot of adventure but when some group of 16-year-olds decide to make it a big deal, you had better get on board & explore with them.


These teenagers plan ridiculous parties, lavish on expensive gifts, invest in unnecessary tantrum schemes, and make you wonder if being 16 could be any more dramatic.

14. The Real World



This is one of the OG reality shows that has been in existence since 1992. Another MtV-sponsored show that has grown to be one of the most influential reality shows. 


Young people travel to a new city, move in together, and bring viewers on board with their every move since they are being broadcast continuously. Other reality shows have adopted The Real World’s structure, and it has proven effective at every innovation.

15. The Bachelor Franchise



This show is exciting for fans of love & dating reality TV shows and has successfully proved itself over the years with the launch of several spinoffs.


It simply tells contestants to compete for the affection of a particular person with hopes of a commitment and eventual life. You can also catch up on The Bachelorette franchise and the Bachelor in Paradise edition.


These reality TV shows have entertained millions of viewers, and we think you might find one that wins you over, too. Which ones have you watched? Which would you be trying out over the weekend?