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Toyota Pins Servers That Leaked Customer's Info for the Past 7 Years

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
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Toyota Motor Corporation has recently experienced a significant data breach involving exposing car owners' personal information. The breach was initially discovered when a misconfigured server belonging to Toyota Connected Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota, led to the unauthorized access and exposure of location data for over 2 million customers over ten years.


Following this initial incident, Toyota thoroughly investigated all its cloud environments managed by Toyota Connected Corporation. During this investigation, the company discovered two additional misconfigured cloud services leaking car owners' personal information for over seven years. The exact nature of the exposed data has not been specified in the provided information, but it is presumed to include sensitive customer details.


Upon uncovering this new breach, Toyota promptly released a notice acknowledging the issue. The notice confirms that some customer information stored within the affected cloud environments was potentially accessible externally, suggesting that unauthorized individuals might have accessed sensitive data. Toyota is taking this matter seriously and intends to address the issue swiftly and responsibly to mitigate the impact on its customers.


The exposure of personal information in such a data breach raises concerns about customer privacy and data security. Toyota is expected to take immediate action to rectify the misconfigured cloud services and enhance its data protection measures. As part of its response, the company will likely strengthen its security protocols, conduct a comprehensive review of its cloud infrastructure, and implement additional safeguards to prevent future incidents.


Fortunately, there is no evidence of malicious use of the leaked data, and it does not include personal information. However, unauthorized users may have accessed historical data from around 2.15 million Toyota cars.

A Toyota taxi driving through a street

Toyota will apologize and notify affected customers individually while setting up a dedicated call center to address inquiries. This incident highlights the importance of strong security measures to safeguard customer data in the automotive industry.


Customers affected by this data breach should closely monitor their accounts for suspicious activity and take appropriate steps to protect their personal information. Affected individuals should change their passwords, enable multi-factor authentication where available, and remain vigilant against phishing attempts or other fraudulent activities that may target them using the exposed information. Toyota has pledged to take immediate action after the data breach, prioritizing customer service to address the server leak and ensure data protection.


In 2023, Toyota experienced two separate data breaches affecting customer information. The first breach exposed the personal data of Toyota customers in Asia and Oceania, including addresses, names, phone numbers, and vehicle details. The second breach impacted around 260,000 Japanese customers who subscribed to Toyota's G-BOOK navigation system, exposing in-vehicle device IDs and map data.


Toyota assured that the data exposed was limited and insufficient for the identification or unauthorized vehicle access. To prevent future breaches, Toyota implemented enhanced monitoring systems. Affected customers should remain vigilant and update their security measures. Toyota should prioritize customer service by addressing inquiries, providing guidance, and giving updates on remedial actions.