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Trump Rejects Arizona Gubernatorial Elections; Demands Defeated Kari Lake Installed as Governor

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

The former president of America, Donald Trump, 76, has demanded that Kari Lake, who lost in the recently conducted election, be installed as Arizona governor. The ex-president said some criminalities in the voting process made him ask to install the Republican contestant as Arizona governor. 

Karin Lake had lost the race to Katie Hobbs, a Democrat who currently serves as the secretary of the state. Katie Hobbs had won the election with just a small margin by a little over 17 thousand votes out of more than 2.5 million votes. According to the state law of Arizona, the difference margin has to be 0.5% or less for the votes to be recounted — The vote difference here stood at 0.6%. Despite the glaring defeat, Kari Lake has refused to concede, especially with the support of Donald Trump. 

Trump cited the 2020 elections as one of the reasons why the electoral process in the United States of America needs to be reviewed. He also added that most of the voting machines used during the election got broken in favor of the Democrats. 

DonaldTrump and Kari Lake (Yahoo News)

"Massive numbers of ‘BROKEN’ voting machines in Republican Districts on Election Day. Mechanics sent in to ‘FIX’ them made them worse. Kari had to be taken to a Democrat area, which was working perfectly, to vote. Her opponent ran the Election," Donald Trump said in a post on his social media platform, Truth Social. 

"Kari Lake should be installed, Governor of Arizona. This is almost as bad as the 2020 Presidential Election, which the [House] Unselect Committee refuses to touch because they know it was Fraudulent!" Trump added. 

Kari Lake Refuses to Concede 

The candidate of the republican in the recent Arizona governor race, Kari Lake, has refused to concede, saying that the election was without transparency and trust. She further said that Arizonians do not trust how elections are carried out in their state. 

Kari Lake also posted on Truth Social that "Arizonans have no faith & trust in our elections." "Our Election Officials are incompetent (…or worse). They have failed us,” Lake said. “The Fake News ignores our Fake Elections and expects us to just ‘move on.’ We won’t," she said in her Truth Social post. 

Counting issues in Maricopa county is one of the things Kari Lake has been pointing to, saying that it was one of the reasons why she lost the elections. Maricopa County is the home of more than half of voters in Arizona, and Kari Lake says that an effective election in that region would have made her the state governor. 

According to reports, the region had experienced problems with the machine used for voting during the election, which caused many votes not to be counted during the election. In more than one-third of the pooling units in the region, most of the voting machines didn’t have enough ink for the election, and most of them were too light to be read by the tabulation machines. 

A Maricopa County Elections Department reported resolving most of the issues during the election. "While Maricopa County’s printer issue in 2022 impacted more Vote Centers than normal, every voter was afforded the ability to legally and securely cast their ballot," the election department said.